December 10, 2015

Guilford Adds Cyber and Network Security Major

Beginning in spring semester 2016, Guilford College will offer the first in-house cyber and network security bachelor’s degree in North Carolina.

The major will prepare students to work in a field that is growing rapidly to keep pace with the number and sophistication of cyber attacks. Cybercrime costs the world economy hundreds of billions of dollars every year.

Watch coverage of the new major by News 14 Carolina.

“Non-stop cyber attacks and persistent threats are affecting our way of life. The number of detected security incidents soared 38 percent in 2015,” said Chafic Bou-Saba, assistant professor of computer technology and information systems.

“Cyber criminals are targeting all sectors of the economy, including energy, retail, insurance, medical and entertainment companies. There is an extremely high demand for skilled professionals in the area of cyber and network security.”

Bou-Saba and Will Pizio, associate professor of justice and policy studies, developed the 10-course, 38-credit major, which is housed in the Department of Computing Technology & Information Systems.

The Accounting, Justice and Policy Studies, Philosophy and Political Science departments offer elective courses that count towards the major, including Introduction to Fraud Examinations, Criminal Procedure, Ethics in a Digital World and Homeland Security.

“Students majoring in cyber and network security at Guilford will have the same high level of face-to-face interaction with faculty as our students in other disciplines,” Pizio said.

“In addition to an understanding of cyber security systems and information assurance, they’ll gain the ability to collect, analyze and interpret technical data through network forensics.”

Salaries for network and computer forensics investigators and forensic analysts start between $50,000 and $75,000, according to the InfoSec Institute.