March 10, 2017

FAHE Conference to be held at Guilford in June

Each June, the Friends Association for Higher Education (FAHE) gathers for a conference at one of 17 colleges with Quaker roots, to consider issues around a theme that will inform, refresh and inspire attendees. It is designed for faculty and staff (mostly Friends, but not all) who are teaching or working in Friends’ institutions, and who resonate with and wish to preserve the values and methodologies practiced there. It is also for Friends teaching in other institutions who want to carry their Quaker values with them as appropriate into their work.

The conference offers a wonderful space for sharing ideas – old and new – that promise to inform and enhance one’s work. Great fellowship and spiritual uplift are added benefits. Please note that the deadline to submit a proposal for a presentation is March 31, 2017.

This year we are delighted to be the host institution. Dates are June 15-18, 2017 (with optional field trips on the afternoon of June 15) and the theme is Global Education, Global Quakerism. At the conference we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first World Gathering of Quakers at Guilford College that took place in 1967. This event was a watershed moment in our history, because it was the impetus that contributed to the integration of the College in 1962 and the admittance of the school's first African students.

Please visit to read more and submit a proposal.

More information about faculty and staff attendance at the conference will be forthcoming, but should you have immediate questions, please email Kate Hood, coordinator of local arrangements, or contact her by phone at 336.316.2442.