December 19, 2016

Excelling Abroad

Victoria Saraldi-Gallardo ’16 is an example of a Guilford College graduate who’s making the most of her opportunity to study — and live and work — abroad and make the most of it.


“I'm currently in residency at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, working in an all-female cast of A Midsummer Nights Dream, and I played Bottom the Weaver,” she says. “I’ve been lucky enough to work with voice, movement, combat, historical dance, and text coaches here at the Globe and could not be any more thrilled to be a part of this project!”

Victoria, who was a Theatre Studies major at Guilford, has been in London about four months and plans to stay two years. “I’m doing my residency through my graduate program, the East 15 Acting School MFA program in London,” she says. “It’s a rigorous two-year program, and I get to take lessons with Globe faculty members.”

Plan for the Future

When Victoria was a Guilford student, her advisers were a huge help in preparing her for the future.

“David Hammond and Robin Vest were always were there to lend a helping hand in figuring out what I wanted to do next,” she says. “I knew I wanted to go to graduate school, and they were incredibly supportive. I couldn’t thank them more for their diligence and recommendation letters!”

Values-Driven Education

Excellence and community, two of Guilford's seven Core Values, are helping Victoria achieve her dreams.


“I adore my faculty here. I feel very close to them, and I think bringing over the Quaker values I learned at Guilford certainly aid me in feeling as communal with them as I do,” she says. “I'm able to explore my creative process in a structured and rigorous environment, which is the best gift any creative individual can receive.”

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