May 6, 2016

Every Campus a Refuge Featured in State Department Toolkit

Every Campus a Refuge, a movement started by faculty member Diya Abdo, is described in the U.S. State Department’s “University Engagement Toolkit: How Campuses Are Helping Refugees.”

The nine-page toolkit, published on the State Department’s website May 4, features two photos, including one on its cover, by Kat Miller ’16 of Guilford community members showing their support for Every Campus a Refuge. The movement is described on page 8:

“Inspired by the Pope’s call on every parish to host one refugee family, Guilford College’s ‘Every Campus a Refuge’ program is supporting local refugee resettlement agencies by drawing on the College’s material and human resources to offer refugees the use of campus facilities and assistance in resettlement. Guilford student, faculty and staff volunteers are trained by their partner resettlement agency to assist as requested. The partnership also connects refugees to educational and employment opportunities, and provides a welcoming environment that facilitates cultural, social and emotional adjustment.”

The toolkit also provides a link to a Nov. 20 Washington Post story about Every Campus a Refuge.

Diya, an associate professor in the Department of English and Creative Writing, started the movement in September to engage colleges and universities in addressing the Syrian refugee crisis.