March 21, 2015

Diya Abdo Speaks at Weatherspoon Art Museum

Diya Abdo, associate professor of English, gave a POV (Point-of-View) Talk in connection with the exhibition “Zones of Contention: After the Green Line” at UNCG’s Weatherspoon Art Museum on Thursday, March 19.

The exhibition, on display through May 3, presents works by contemporary artists who address the history and consequences of the ongoing disputes related to the boundaries of Israel and Palestine.

Throughout history, artists have created work about the effects of war and conflict. In areas of conflict, personal and cultural differences defined by geography, economics, language, race, religion, politics and sexuality are magnified. The distinction between the self and the other becomes a lens through which daily life is understood.

POV talks amplify aspects of an exhibition through the perspectives of scholars from diverse fields.