June 25, 2015

Diya Abdo Publishes Exhibition Talk

Jadaliyya, a multidisciplinary review of Middle Eastern studies, has published text of a talk at UNCG’s Weatherspoon Art Museum by faculty member Diya Abdo.

Diya, an associate professor of English, gave the invited talk in March about the Weatherspoon’s Zones of Contention: After the Green Line, an exhibition of works by Palestinian and Israeli artists. Her remarks were part of the museum’s Point of View Talks, a series intended to explore aspects of an exhibit from the perspectives of scholars from diverse fields.

“My own particular point of view was shaped by two important factors: my identity as a Palestinian and my vocation as a teacher and writer,” Diya said. “To me, these two elements are inseparable – they complement each other, inform each other, feed and bleed into each other; many times, they grate against each other, conflict, do bloody battle. I am at my personal best, however, when these two selves hold each other accountable.”