April 18, 2016

Convincing Combination

Katie Copeland ’16 thought she knew she wanted to be a teacher. Now she’s absolutely sure of it.

“The first-hand experience of being a student teacher has prepared me beyond measure for falling in love with the career I have chosen,” Katie says. “Thanks to the constant support, advice, and encouragement from my professors and fellow students I have developed the deepest understanding as to why I have chosen this path.”

No one has had a bigger impact on Katie than her adviser and professor, Dr. Caryl Schunk. In addition to deep insights gained in Caryl’s classes, Katie had the chance to serve as a teaching assistant for her.

“I learned just how much she cares about her students and the relationships she builds with them,” Katie says. “In my future as a teacher, I will always ask myself, ‘What would Caryl do in this situation?’ Because I know she always has a kind and helpful suggestion.”

“Thanks to her, I will continue to dedicate myself to becoming a teacher who inspires students and gives them the support and encouragement that they need to succeed.”

Katie says her History major has been a perfect complement to her Education Studies. The combination of studies has strengthened her in many ways.

“I have become a much improved scholar, researcher, teacher, student and person,” Katie says. “In history, I completed an eye-opening research experience and gained a true love for learning about the past. As a teacher, I have developed classroom management and a stronger voice. I feel prepared for the life ahead of me.”