December 1, 2015

Connecting Service Learning to Undergraduate Research

Andrew Young, volunteer training coordinator at the Bonner Center for Community Service and Learning, is one of three co-authors whose session proposal was accepted for the 2016 Annual Conference of the Society for Applied Anthropology to be held in Vancouver. Andrew and fellow CNNC researchers Sharon Morrison and Sudha Shreeniwas will present "Mobilizing and Mentoring the 'Next Generation' through CBPR: The Montagnard Refugee Household Hypertension Project". Empowering local refugee students through new roles as cultural insiders, cultural brokers and trained academic researchers is a long-term, capacity building effort to address serious health disparities and social problems found in many refugee communities. These efforts model how institutional Service Learning commitments to local communities build trust and lay the groundwork for sophisticated CBPR (community-based participatory research) executed by undergraduates.

Student researchers from the Montagnard refugee community (ie, "next generation") include Lek Siu ('16), Vung Ksor ('17), Hlois Mlo ('18), Sel H ('19). Others include Tasmia Zafar ('17), Aiperi Iusupova ('17) Mamta Gurung ('18) and Kunga Denzongpa ('15, MPHE candidate at UNCG).