July 28, 2015

Community Members Celebrate ADA

Four members of the Guilford community took part in a celebration at Triad Park on July 24 marking the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. President George H.W. Bush signed the landmark disability rights legislation on July 26, 1990.

Laureen Tyler, a Learning Commons staff member; Georgie Bogdan, coordinator of Disability Resources; Melissa Daniel-Frink, director of the Learning Commons; and Bryan Dooley ’13 were among those who attended the ceremony in Kernersville.

Bryan is a board member of The Adaptables nonprofit organization and a writer for the Camel City Dispatch, an online news source for Winston-Salem. The Adaptables, Inc. CIL is one of more than 300 Centers for Independent Living, which provide advocacy, skills training, peer support and other services to help people with disabilities exercise control over their own lives.

In a July 26 story in the Camel City Dispatch – “Community Celebrates 25th Anniversary of the Signing of the ADA” – Bryan reported on the Triad Park event.

“We all have barriers. Sometimes barriers in understanding, sometimes physical limitations,” Kernersville Mayor Dawn Morgan told attendees, according to Bryan’s story. “We are here today to continue to remove barriers to equality, independence and freedom.”