April 19, 2016

Coming Into Her Own

As a first-year student at Guilford College, Olivia Winder ’19 is gladly making the adjustment to becoming more independent. At the same time, she is building a network of friends and supporters to help her along the way.

Olivia is not shying away from any challenges. She jumped at the chance to get involved in SPROUT, a leadership development program designed especially for first-year students. Along with Orientation, it provided a growing experience that underscored the importance of making early connections on campus.

“My Orientation Leader (OL) happened to be one of my Sprout mentors, as well,” Olivia says. “As an OL she was so kind, and extremely helpful. As my Sprout facilitator, she influenced me to be someone who takes risks, and opens up to what the world has to offer. My Sprout mentor inspired me to become an OL, too.”

In addition to becoming an OL for next year, Olivia is making important contributions as an assistant at the Hege Library and as a member of the Guilfordian video team. She is also trying to stay appropriately focused on her academic priorities as a health sciences and Spanish major.

“I do love the challenge,” Olivia says. “I have grown to become a responsible young woman. Being away from home has allowed me to find my voice and become an independent person. Guilford has allowed me to mature, and grow into the person who I want to become.”

And Olivia has big plans for her future. She would like to attend dental school and specialize in oral surgery. And she would also like to spend some time serving with the Peace Corps. Along the way, she wants to master Spanish.