June 12, 2015

College Creates Leadership Studies Minor

Guilford College has approved a new Principled Problem Solving Experience (PPSE) minor in leadership studies.

This two-year series of courses and experiential learning requirements is hosted by the Center for Principled Problem Solving and is open to any rising sophomore or junior interested in an interdisciplinary approach to the topic.

Guilford faculty and staff create PPSE minors to help students engage a particular problem in a sustained and intentional manner. Each PPSE minor includes required courses, skills development and hands-on learning related to the PPSE topic.

“The problem of leadership, and what constitutes ethical leadership, is critical for Guilford students to understand. The National Association of Colleges and Employers cites leadership as the top skill employers seek on the resumes of recent college graduates,” says Alan Mueller, a member of the team that developed this new minor and assistant academic dean for career development and community learning.

Additional members of the team that crafted this PPSE minor are Steve Moran, Jeremy Rinker, Caryl Schunk, Emily Lott, Amanda Fontenot and Megan Walters.

The PPSE minor in leadership studies begins in the fall with the course PPS 250: Leadership. Students will take an additional existing leadership-related course, complete a three-credit internship accompanied by a one-credit internship seminar, and conclude the minor with an advanced course on group leadership.

“Leadership is both over-hyped and under developed in our society as a whole. And, sadly, the term leadership is often disconnected from our efforts to change our world for the better. This minor will help students understand better how to connect these two things when they move beyond Guilford,” says Mark Justad, director of the Center for Principled Problem Solving.

Steve Moran, director of the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement, added, “Part of the reason the team invested in this project is the opportunity to model collaborative leadership in educating our students. With multiple departments and disciplines involved, we plan to engage students to develop their leadership in a liberal arts setting in order to better solve the problems of the world.”

This PPSE minor is open to rising sophomores and juniors. To participate, students must contact PPS 250 instructor Steve Moran to request permission to enroll in the class and participate in the PPSE minor in leadership sStudies.