May 20, 2014

Chronicle Reports on Appointment of Jane Fernandes

Jane Fernandes, who will become Guilford’s president on July 1, is the subject of a story in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Ed Winslow III, chair-elect of the Board of Trustees, told The Chronicle that the Guilford community “felt a congruence or resonance between her and the mission of our College.”

The May 19 article describes her path to leading an institution of higher education. She was named president of Gallaudet University in 2006, but that appointment was rescinded before she took office following campus protests.

“I have no regrets,” she says in the story. “I’m grateful for everything that happened. I’m in a good place.”

Jane has served as provost of the University of North Carolina at Asheville since 2008. The experience and mentoring she gained in Asheville have made her better prepared to be a president, she says.

She was attracted to Guilford by its values and culture.

“In contrast to the old ivory-tower perception of the liberal arts,” she told the paper, “Guilford College is involved in the community, and graduates all know how to think.”