December 22, 2016

A Career for the Birds

Ask Meredith Hudson ’17 what three words define her Guilford College experience and she might say, adventure, inspiration and connection.

“My Guilford experience has been shaped by incredible professors and courses and a caring student body,” she says. “I’ve established deep connections with my professors and fellow students, and I’ve gained an understanding of what hands-on learning really means.”

Hands-On Learning

Meredith, a double major in Biology and Environmental Studies and a member of the Guilford College Honors Program, says hands-on learning during study abroad, plus course work with real-world application, have shown her that following her passions into a career is possible.

“I studied abroad in the Italian Alps for a semester, where I learned how culture manifests itself in food while learning to cook traditional recipes with an Italian nonna,” she says. “In the Galapagos I learned about the evolution of sea lions while snorkeling with them! And during a contracted course for the Guilford Honors Program I worked closely with my ornithology professor, researching nest predation.”

Meredith also had an internship last summer. “I was the Natural Lands Intern at Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library in Delaware,” she explains. “I learned hands-on natural lands management practices while monitoring the garden's 180-plus nest boxes. With the data I helped collect and Winterthur's data from the last 30 years, I am conducting a senior thesis on the effect of global warming on the timing of avian nesting initiation.”

At Guilford, courses are not limited to memorization and cramming for exams. Instead, you learn to think critically and how to apply course material to your interests and real-world issues.

Meredith Hudson ’17
Biology, Environmental Studies

Personal Attention

Meredith says personal attention and relationships have also defined her academic experience.

“At Guilford, courses are not limited to memorization and cramming for exams,” she says. “Instead, you learn to think critically and how to apply course material to your interests and real-world issues.”

Plus, she explains, her professors have both encouraged and enlightened her. "One inspires me to pursue my interests in ornithology and behavioral ecology. Another encourages me to take my thinking deeper, motivating me to apply my passions to be the change I want to see in the world. All have supported me!”

She’s also made a new group of friends. “I've found a family on campus through the women's rugby team, for which I am now the captain,” she says.

Confidence to Succeed

After graduation, Meredith hopes to work in ornithology, horticulture and/or ecology before pursuing graduate school.

“Since coming to Guilford, I have grown more confident in my abilities,” she says. “Thanks to the academic and interpersonal skills I’ve learned through my courses and professors, the career dreams I once had are now becoming reality!”

Guilford’s study-abroad programs introduce new ways of living, working and learning. The Honors Program at Guilford College provides a supportive community for students who are committed to achieving academic excellence. Want to learn more? Schedule an individual visit to meet with counselors and tour campus.

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