September 21, 2015

Bob Williams Quoted in Greensboro News and Record

The Greensboro News & Record quoted Professor of Economics Bob Williams in “Guilford residents enter a discussion on race,” an article about the challenges faced by young black men.

Bob, who is white, teaches anti-racism courses, and he went through such a course himself 15 years ago. He talked to the newspaper about how a whole host of influences, including family and friends, can create implicit racial bias.

“People of my age, we all grew up on TV Westerns and in all those Westerns, white people won and the Indians lost,” Bob said. “We all grew up on comic books, and all the superheroes were white, and the villains could be white or nonwhite.”

These influences have an effect.

“We all have these messages, way deep in our subconscious that we are not even aware of,” he said. “But when we hit certain moments, they are what can really drive our behavior.”