April 15, 2016

Beth Keiser: Retired Professor, Warriors Fan

Beth Keiser, a retired English professor who now lives in Black Mountain, is part of a Sports Illustrated story about the Golden State Warriors, who set an NBA record for regular-season wins.

Posted April 14 at SI.com, the story, “Golden Season Remembered: Looking back at Warriors’ 73-win ride,” appears in the April 18-25 issue of the magazine. It describes how the team’s style of play and MVP point guard Steph Curry have won it fans among those who don’t normally watch sports, people like Beth.

“In a long, full life, she has rarely thought much about basketball,” the article says.

“This season, however, Beth became hooked on the Warriors after seeing part of a game while visiting friends in California.”

Soon she was staying up late to learn how games turned out.

“She emailed friends, including this reporter’s mother, to ensure that they too were witnessing the grace of this unselfish team, the ‘contagious pleasure’ they took in the game, as she puts it.”

Students of the game can appreciate the team’s excellence in the context of basketball history. “But for new converts like Keiser, this magical season hasn’t been about wins, or stats or accomplishments. It’s not about the what, but rather the how. In Beth’s case, she says she watches the Warriors for the simplest of reasons: joy.

“Theirs at playing the game; hers in watching them do it.”

Beth and her husband, Mel, taught at the College for 36 years. Their children Megan and Christopher graduated from Guilford in 1990 and 1998, respectively.