May 12, 2015

Alan Mueller to Present at Guilford County Leadership Workshop

Assistant Academic Dean for Career Development & Community Learning, Alan Mueller has been invited to present at the annual leadership workshop for Guilford County.

Department directors and managers from more than 25 county agencies will attend a daylong workshop in July at UNCG’s TeamQuest facility. Participants will include department heads from the register of deeds office, public health, the sheriff's office, social services, transportation, county management, the county attorney's office and others. Additionally, the county commissioners are expected to attend.

Alan will be sharing an adaptation of The Psychology of Leadership and Teamwork workshop that he has offered to local business, education and civic leaders through Guilford College’s Professional Development and Training Center (PDTC).

“The workshop draws heavily from my dissertation research, and my experience in corporate settings and with leadership programs like SPROUT,” Alan says. “I am very excited for the opportunity to work with these county leaders, and represent Guilford College.”

The complete version of the workshop will be offered again through PDTC this June. For more information or to register for the next on-campus offering of The Psychology of Leadership and Teamwork visit the workshops page of the Guilford website.