June 23, 2015

18 Participate in 2015 PPS Faculty Seminar

Jennie S. Knight, director of engaged teaching with the Center for Principled Problem Solving, led 18 Guilford faculty from diverse disciplines through a two-week intensive seminar, May 26-June 7, about best practices in engaged teaching, research and Principled Problem Solving.

The seminar included learning about the Principled Problem Solving Model for developing ethical, effective, contextual solutions that was created by CPPS faculty and staff. In addition, there were off-campus site visits with community partners who are interested in collaborating with Guilford faculty to address complex social, political and economic problems in Greensboro.

In order to participate in the seminar, each faculty member was required to propose a course or program that they will develop or re-design to incorporate some or all of the best practices discussed. They worked on these courses and programs throughout the seminar and will offer them for Guilford students during the 2015-16 academic year and beyond.

The faculty participants in the seminar represented all of Guilford’s academic divisions and included:

  • Maria Bobroff (Foreign Languages)
  • Joe Cole (Philosophy)
  • Krista Craven (Justice and Policy Studies)
  • George Guo (Political Science)
  • Lisa McLeod (Philosophy and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies)
  • Eric Mortensen (Religious Studies)
  • Toni Muhammad (Sociology)
  • Cynthia Nearman (English)
  • Jill Peterfeso (Religious Studies)
  • Vance Ricks (Philosophy)
  • Kathryn Shields (Art)
  • Natalya Shulkova (Economics)
  • Don Smith (Physics)
  • Christine Stracey (Biology)
  • Bronwyn Tucker (Sustainability/Environmental Studies)
  • Antoine Williams (Art)
  • Bob Williams (Economics)
  • Jack Zerbe (Theater Studies and Study Abroad).

For more information about the PPS Faculty Seminar, the PPS Model, or the courses and programs being developed, please contact Jennie at knightjs@guilford.edu or Mark Justad, director of the Center for Principled Problem Solving, at justadmj@guilford.edu.