June 16, 2017


Muhadisa Daqiq ’19 is devoted to creating a bright future in the tech industry for girls around the world.

Muhadisa’s passion for social justice wasn’t born on Guilford’s campus, but the Guilford community has played an important role in fostering it.

“I was surprised by how much of a voice everybody has here,” she says. “Guilford has given me the space to talk about social justice without fear. Here, I can say, ‘This is my voice.’”

Muhadisa is already an international force for equality.

In the summer of 2016, she implemented the Girls Leadership Conference in Kabul, Afghanistan. She planned and raised money for the conference with the help of the Bonner Center and the Center for Principled Problem Solving Changemaker Grant Program.

Having attended two girls’ leadership conferences in the U.S. while in high school, Muhadisa learned a lot about globally and socially conscious leadership. She knew she wanted to bring that opportunity to girls in the Middle East, having spent most of her childhood there. Born in Iran, she moved with her family first to Pakistan and then to Afghanistan as they followed her father’s career with the Red Cross. Muhadisa later moved to New York when she was 14.

“All girls, but especially those in Afghanistan, benefit from powerful women role models,” she explains.

After her work in Afghanistan, Muhadisa spent the rest of her summer engaged in a similar effort state side. She traveled to California for an internship with Facebook and the Girls Who Code initiative, a national nonprofit organization that focuses on closing the gender gap in the world of technology.

“Equality is one of the biggest problems in the tech industry, but some big companies are taking steps toward improving that,” she explains. “I never really intended to see my two passions come together — technology and social justice — but they have!”