Your French Connection

Live in France for a semester. Study the French-speaking nations of Africa and the Caribbean. Intern at a culinary school or a foreign embassy. Dare to totally immerse yourself in French-speaking cultures — on campus and abroad.

You’ll study political, social, historical, artistic and literary elements of French and French-speaking cultures. And you can join other language students in extracurricular activities including festivals, conversation tables, clubs and more.

Guilford students have studied abroad in Paris, France; Rennes, France; Dakar, Senegal; Antananarivo, Madagascar; Rabat, Morocco; and Montréal, Canada.

The French major consists of at least 32 credits at the 200-level or above, with at least one 400-level course (two if you are completing a senior thesis). All majors are expected to study abroad with an appropriate Guilford program before graduating. Students planning to attend graduate school are urged to choose the senior thesis. All majors must meet proficiency requirements.

French majors have distinct advantages in the hospitality, foreign service and education fields, among others.

Major/minor requirements and course descriptions are available in the online version of the Guilford College Catalog. Use the keyboard shortcuts Control F for PC or Command F for Mac to search the document for your program.