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July 26, 2017

Guilford College Named a 'Best Buy' in 2018 Fiske Guide to Colleges

The Fiske Guide to Colleges is the No. 1 best-selling guide to the nation’s colleges and universities, helping students weed through an ever-growing amount of information and choose the best school for them. Guilford College has been listed as a Best Buy for 2018, the third year in a row the College has received this recognition. 

Best Buys are selected by considering the overall value of an institution, described by Fiske as “outstanding academics at relatively modest costs and where students graduate with relatively low student debt.” Only 38 institutions — 20 public and 18 private — of the more than 300 included in the guide and the more than 2,200 four-year institutions in the country were chosen as Best Buys. 

Guilford’s Fiske profile goes into more detail as to what makes spending four years here so worthwhile. Nearly everyone receives financial aid, 91 percent of students. Cost is among the lowest for private institutions, while academic rigor is ranked as “easily meet[ing] the criteria for inclusion in a guide devoted to the top ten percent of colleges and universities in the nation.” 

Guilford also received a four star rating for Quality of Life — determined by considering the combination of academics, social life, community environment, beautiful campus and other factors that generally make a college a “wholesome place to spend four years.” 

To learn more about what makes Guilford a unique and valuable liberal arts college, read up on Who We Are. Interested in being part of our community? Apply today!