Filming the Personal Narrative

First year students at Guilford College participate in a First Year Seminar as part of their First Year Experience. "Filming the Personal Narrative" with Chad Phillips offered students the opportunity to create feature-length personal documentary films. Students also created a blog to track their progress and reflect on the creative process. Check out the work of just a few of our student filmmakers below! 

Ariel J. Morley '21

Ariel's audition and music experience at Guilford College

"After much consideration, I decided to make my documentary about my audition and music experience at Guilford College. I chose this topic because I realized that music was a big part of my life, and I wanted to take people through the same experience I went through my first semester at Guilford College." 

Laszlo van Straelen '21


"When I created my film, my idea was to make it look like I was going through a day-to-day routine that felt like a blur. When I put all my B-Roll in the editing timeline, I realized that there were certain parts missing... The clips that I ended up filming were just small 3- to 4-second clips of me walking, or some sort of transition. These are the clips that really tie together the routine idea."

Lucas Collazo '21

Home Away from Home

"Although there were a few challenges for me, like trying to carry the camera back and forth and trying to get the footage onto my drive, I still managed to pull through and work with it. This film is definitely something that I am very proud of and will also be something to enjoy."