Career Development Center

Shape Your Future at Guilford

Trying to figure out what it is you want from college? Maybe you need some guidance choosing a major? Perhaps you're trying to turn your biology degree into a career in medicine or your desire to travel into a dream job overseas? 

The knowledgeable advisers at the Career Development Center are here throughout your journey at Guilford. We’ll sit down with you to explore your interests and plan for the future. We'll help you determine where to go and how to get there.

  • Exploring possible majors and career options
  • Connecting with job opportunities
  • Finding and designing customized internships
  • Developing your presentation and public speaking skills
  • Writing your résumé and creating your portfolio
  • Preparing for interviews and learning professional etiquette
  • Meeting employers through networking events
  • Navigating the path to graduate and professional schools and prepping for entrance exams

We also encourage first-year and second-year students to consider the SPROUT Emerging Leaders Experience, a nine-week program where you'll become a skilled communicator, risk taker and team builder.

With our support, you'll have a clear course of action, access to real-world work experience and the ability to apply your Guilford education toward many different paths for professional success.

Match Your Major to Your Goals

Selecting the right major sets the tone for your college career. Let us help you choose your future path with a combination of insightful advising and assessments.

Professional Development Experience

Design a program that brings together activities and opportunities to optimize your Guilford experience. Become an in-demand job candidate through our Professional Development Experience program.

Internships That Lead to Success

Customized internships are a great way to gain hands-on experience while earning academic credit. We work with faculty, businesses and agencies to create an internship that meets your specific goals. 

What Can I Do With This Major?

Connect your chosen major to possible careers.

Trying to decide on a major? Not sure what career path you want to follow? This resource helps you connect majors to possible careers, giving you the opportunity to connect your passion to your education.

Quaker Connect

Prepare for life after graduation.

Quaker Connect is an excellent resource to get employers nationwide to see your resume. The College also offers a Graduate School Fair in the fall and a Career Fair in the spring — find dates and event information on Quaker Connect.

Express Yourself

The Career Development Center regularly offers public speaking courses, practice interviews and even stand-up comedy workshops to help you polish your presentation skills. Recruiters who visit our campus often comment on how well our students present themselves.

83% Employed in 1st Year

Guilford graduates have outpaced the national average for employment during the last six years — by as much as 14%.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start a Job or Internship Search

How to get future employers to notice you — and like what they see.

Doug Brisotti ’90, brand and business strategist and Senior Account Executive at Curtis Media Group, brings Guilfordians advice from an employer’s perspective as part of Career Action Week!

Experience Matters

Internships @ Guilford

In this student-authored blog, Guilford College students share their experiences as interns working for major athletic conferences, NPR affiliates, the happiest place on Earth and more! Hear it from their point of view and imagine all the Guilford College can do to prepare you for the career you're dreaming of. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I haven’t selected a major yet. Can you help?

Choosing a major is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make at this point in your life. Through a variety of assessment tools and expert coaching and in collaboration with your academic adviser, we will help you pinpoint your interests so you can start exploring your educational options. We’ll even devise a plan to keep you on track for reaching your goals. To get started, call 336.316.2187.

How can I find out about internships?

All students and alumni are invited to schedule an appointment with the Assistant Director for Internships. Deadlines and forms can be found on GuilfordNet. For help finding an internship, call 336-316-2187.  

Is my major the same as my future career?

Sometimes it's related, but often it isn't. It's a common misconception among students that your major is always going to be the same as the job title or field you pursue after graduation. While Guilford College has some outstanding pre-professional programs such as those in education, business, accounting, sports and pre-health science that are created with professional training in mind, there are many other majors that prepare you for skills that intersect with many careers. Guilford gets you ready for not only your dream career but for a life of meaningful work spanning multiple careers.

When can I start an internship that earns credits?

You'll be able to begin a credit-bearing internship as soon as you have successfully completed 24 credits.

Does the Career Development Center sponsor any career or graduate school fairs?

Yes. Current Guilford students and Guilford alumni may attend the Career Fair during the spring semester and the Graduate School Fair during the fall semester. Both events take place on campus. Please visit Quaker Connect to view all event information.

What online tools does the Career Development Center offer?

Quaker Connect is a powerful way to get employers nationwide to see your résumé. Current students can find additional resources on this page within the Guilford intranet.

How will you prepare me for grad school?

The Career Development Center at Guilford College assists students with all aspects of the graduate school process. Our caring and professional staff can:

  • Assist in your search for the right graduate program
  • Help connect you with admission test resources (GMAT, LSAT, GRE, etc.)
  • Work with you on a statement of purpose
  • Help you refine your résumé or curriculum vitae
  • Prepare you for the differences between undergraduate work and graduate work

Additionally, we keep current resources on graduate programs in our center. To schedule an appointment, call 336.316.2187.

I’m an alum looking for a career change. Can you help?

As a Guilford alum, you are welcome to all of the same services enjoyed by current students. We encourage you to join us for our annual Career Fair or Graduate School Fair. You can also feel free to call and make an appointment to speak with one of our career advisers.

I'm an employer. How can I post a job opening to Guilford College students and alumni?

You can either create an account to post positions through Quaker Connect or call our office at 336.316.2187.

What resources are available for faculty?

We offer a variety of resources to faculty and instructors for use in courses, including services, materials, tours and presentations.

Contact Us

King Hall, Room 108, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (extended weekday evening hours each semester)

Schedule an appointment with a Peer Career Adviser (PCA) (Walk-ins also available.)

  • PCAs are available during the fall and spring semesters.
  • Traditional students (First year - third year) 
  • Resume, cover letter, online brand review, mock interview and the Professional Development Experience

Rebekah Funicello

Rebekah Funicello

Office Manager/Recruitment Coordinator

Karrie Manson

Karrie Manson

Director of Integrated Career Advising