• Muhadisa Daqiq ’20, a Computing Technology and Information Systems major, spent summer 2016 running a conference for girls in Afghanistan before an internship at Facebook. / photo by Ashley Gilmer


    Muhadisa Daqiq ’19 is devoted to creating a bright future in the tech industry for girls around the world.

    Muhadisa’s passion for social justice wasn’t born on Guilford’s campus, but the Guilford community has played an important role in fostering it.

    “I was surprised by how much of a voice everybody has here,” she says. “Guilford has given me the space to talk about social justice without fear. Here, I can say, ‘This is my voice.’”

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  • Theatrical Aspirations

    Theatrical Aspirations

    Once an Education Studies major, Tabitha Mocherman ’18 has decided to focus entirely on her theatre goals. Thanks to her many experiences at Guilford, she’s well prepared to pursue the next step in reaching those dreams: going to graduate school for theatre management.

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  • Making a Difference

    Making a Difference

    Jeff Thigpen ’93 is driven to make a difference. And doing what’s right is his singular force.

    “I find integrity most valuable when truth isn’t gold plated or self-evident,” he says “That’s when we can discover the best in each other and build a better future.”

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