• Bryan Dooley '13

    Words for Action

    Bryan Dooley ’13 is using his gift for writing to be a compelling advocate for people with disabilities. As a blogger for Huffington Post and other publications, he brings to life the skills and mindset he developed at Guilford College.

    “I find it rewarding that I have been able to use my principled problem solving scholars experience to go right into important policy work on a variety of disability issues, “ Bryan says. “One of my biggest advocacy projects right now is pushing for enforcement of a disability state law that has been on the books since 2007. It involves teaching disability awareness and history in all North Carolina schools.”

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  • Making Her Mark in Medicine

    Annie Irving ’08 has gone more than the extra mile to make her mark —she’s gone more than 3,500 miles. In June, Annie will receive her bachelor’s of medicine and bachelor’s of surgery degrees from the University of Dundee, in Scotland — site of her study abroad experience as a Guilford College student.

    Her five-year program comes on the heels of a three-year stint at Dundee as International Officer and Study Abroad Coordinator. She says her dual degrees are the perfect extension of her Guilford College education, which provided exceptional preparation.

    “Medicine is both a science and an art,” Annie says. “By studying both biology and English at Guilford, I learned how to balance and entwine these two subjects and two parts of myself. This has turned into a passion for both understanding how disease works and also how the disease affects the individual — a very integral part to being able to treat a patient.”

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  • Greenway to Restoration

    Deeply scarred by the tumultuous and violent events of 2015, Baltimore is a city in need of healing. Carl Simon '07 is doing his part to rally people, restoring community in healthy and green ways.

    Carl is director of programs for Bluewater Baltimore, a leading environmental restoration nonprofit. He manages and supports stormwater and forestry programs, playing a leading role in community outreach, government partnerships and fundraising.

    “It is very rewarding to work at a small, innovative nonprofit organization working to improve the environmental health of Baltimore’s underserved communities,” Carl says. “The way we are approaching this important effort is critical, by investing in a bottom-up approach that puts the residents and communities we are serving first.”

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