• Courtesy of David Cason

    David Cason

    David chose Guilford College because he believes in Community.

    Just months before graduation, David was beginning his final indoor track season for Guilford College when he stumbled on an uneven surface and suffered an upper calf injury. He had the option to use a medical redshirt from the NCAA to extend his athletic eligibility one season beyond his 2014 graduation.

    David could have taken his year of athletic eligibility to another college, or even graduate school. After some reflection, David chose to stay at the College for his final year of track and field for the same reason he came to Guilford – the community.

    “At Guilford, you’ll build strong bonds with professors, peers and administrators,” David says.

    “The most important thing I learned about myself at Guilford was the kind of person I want to be. I developed skills and had meaningful experiences, which have helped me discover my innate qualities and ultimately decide medicine is the path for me.”

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  • Gilbert Bailey

    Gilbert is one of a few alumni to study political science with an emphasis in Russian Soviet studies, but he has made his mark in the technology sector.

    Now, the Executive Vice President of Beanstalk Data in Charlotte, Gilbert understands the advantage of a liberal arts education at Guilford College and the positive impact it’s had on his career.

    “With a Guilford College degree, you can do anything,” Gilbert says.

    “If you want to change the world and work for a non-profit, you can do that. If you want to work for SpaceX or Tesla Motors, you can do that. Find your passion and do it. You can make anything happen.”

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  • Courtesy of Beau Young

    Beau Young

    His music career was set to launch, but Beau Young made the decision to pursue education before fame and fortune.

    Beau knew he couldn’t fully develop as an artist until his mind was mature enough to understand the world around him. “My education gave me the fuel to truly believe that I have the brainpower to do whatever I want,” Beau says.

    He’s a rapper who advocates education, spiritual freedom and progression.

    “These are all values I built upon during my time at Guilford,” Beau says. “Guilford helped me understand the power I have to go into the world and carry out the mission I was destined to embark on.”

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