• Healing Spaces

    Jodie-Ann Geddes ’14 was challenged and changed by a course in the Department of Justice and Policy Studies. She credits Guilford’s Quaker ethos with equipping her to work as a community organizer, helping her tap into the humanity of all people while challenging systems of oppression.

    “It was a very intense class filled with stories of pain, anger, trauma, grief and at times polarizing views,” she says. “I was called to do this work from that moment.”

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  • A Career for the Birds

    A Career for the Birds

    Ask Meredith Hudson ’17 what three words define her Guilford College experience and she might say, adventure, inspiration and connection.

    “My Guilford experience has been shaped by incredible professors and courses and a caring student body,” she says. “I’ve established deep connections with my professors and fellow students, and I’ve gained an understanding of what hands-on learning really means.”

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  • Excelling Abroad

    Excelling Abroad

    Victoria Saraldi-Gallardo ’16 is an example of a Guilford College graduate who’s making the most of her opportunity to study — and live and work — abroad and make the most of it.

    “I'm currently in residency at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, working in an all-female cast of A Midsummer Nights Dream, and I played Bottom the Weaver,” she says. “I’ve been lucky enough to work with voice, movement, combat, historical dance, and text coaches here at the Globe and could not be any more thrilled to be a part of this project!”

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