• Rohini Rajnarayanan ’17

    The Sun and Then Some

    As a double major in chemistry and biology, Rohini Rajnarayanan ’17 has predictably spent a ton of time in learning labs. And she wouldn’t have it any other way.

    “While double majoring in the sciences is definitely a feat,” Rohini says, “having great classmates to share my laughs and tears with makes the whole experience invaluable and irreplaceable to me.”

    She actually began her college lab work as a senior in high school, when she was a student at Guilford’s Early College. And Rohini has been rolling in research opportunities ever since.

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  • Creating a Secure Future


    An internship can take many forms. But it’s not often an intern gets the opportunity to make a difference in a vital, high-stakes industry such as internet security.

    Inspired by her father’s work in information technology and engineering, Sara Steinbach ’17 was among the first to declare Guilford’s new cyber and network security major. Her immediate objective is a position in internet security analytics, and her internship at Greensboro-based Secure Designs, Inc. – a national provider of managed internet security – is giving her the type of hands-on experience she needs to accomplish that goal.

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  • Laying Groundwork


    The Greensboro Swarm doesn’t play its first game until November, but the NBA D-League team has already provided valuable experience for Zach Lindsey ’17 and Joe Metts ’17.

    Zach and Joe interned this summer with the Swarm, helping the Charlotte Hornets affiliate prepare for its inaugural season. “Throughout this experience we’ve just come in and seen the groundwork being built,” said Zach, a sport management major from Zambia.

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