• Let There Be Flight

    Nathan Knisely ’11 loves his career. “As a graduate student I had the chance to work on some exciting projects — from helping DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) with a crowd-sourced infantry fighting vehicle, to helping the FAA solve the challenge of safely integrating unmanned aircraft into the National Airspace System.”

    You may not expect to meet a liberal-arts graduate with a love for engineering, but that’s exactly what Nathan is. He graduated from Guilford College with a double major in math and physics. He then earned a master’s and PhD in aerospace engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. And he doesn’t plan to stop there.

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  • Hannah Varnell '16

    A Perfect Fit

    A Perfect Fit

    Choosing a career is a challenging decision, but Guilford College offers a variety of programs to ensure students succeed on whatever path they choose.

    One such student is Hannah Varnell, who came to Guilford in search of post-baccalaureate training to prepare her for veterinary school.

    After graduating from Stanford University, Hannah worked for the One Acre Fund, a nonprofit organization that supports East African farmers with financing and agricultural training in an effort to reduce hunger and poverty. During that time, she decided to become a veterinarian.

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  • Quaker Values in Motion

    Quaker Values In Motion

    When you think of excellence, what comes to mind? Creativity in action? Achieving dreams? Understanding the world around you? At Guilford College, it’s all of this—and more.

    Excellence, one of Guilford College’s seven core values, is not easily achieved. It takes time, continuous hard work and lifelong dedication. It’s a value worth recognizing, and that’s why Gilbert Bailey, vice president of tech company Bean Stalk Engage and recent alumni award winner, comes to mind.

    Gilbert, ‘91, graduated with a degree in political science. Since then, he has been fearless in his pursuit of excellence.

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