• Surfing Centuries in Costa Rica

    Surfing Centuries in Costa Rica

    The three-week January term engages students in innovative learning opportunities. In a course led by faculty member Maia Dery, 14 students are immersed in both a different culture and the Pacific Ocean.

    The students are spending J-term in the village of Nosara, Costa Rica, doing extensive reading and writing along with taking surf lessons. The texts cover politics, economics, indigenous and American history, gender relations, and the science of surfing. The students write about these readings, but also their experiences.

    “Not only are we learning about the history of surfing and the political and economic power that comes with the surf industry, but I am living and breathing it,” says Sam Miller '16, a senior from Camden, Maine. “We have the incredible opportunity to surf everyday and are encouraged to analyze what we are seeing, experiencing, and reading through the lens of our individual disciplines.”

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  • Deena on the National Mall during CNN's coverage of Inauguration 2013.

    Deena Zeina Zaru ’10: Tuned In at CNN

    Deena Zeina Zaru ’10, a digital producer for CNN Politics in Washington, became a better listener at Guilford.

    “I always considered myself a good communicator,” says Deena, a fourth-generation Quaker Palestinian. “In the Quaker Leadership Scholars Program, we did a workshop about how our biggest strength can be our biggest weakness.

    “That’s when I started becoming more centered and more observant. When you do interviews, you have to listen. It’s not about you, it’s about the person you’re talking to.”

    For the past four years, she’s applied her journalism skills at CNN. In her current position, she supports the day-to-day production of content for CNN Politics and runs social media platforms. She writes and reports for the breaking news team and has recently launched a series for CNN Politics that tackles the intersection of identity politics and music by profiling artists and activists and the issues they care about.

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  • Coming 8,000 Miles to Change Her Life

    Shea Orth-Moore '19 brings an impressive global portfolio to campus. The Reading, Pa., native has attended international schools in Ethiopia, Ghana and Nairobi, Kenya, her home for the past eight years. She has also studied and served in Mozambique, Uganda and Spain. So how in the world did she get here?

    Shea discovered Guilford College while researching Loren Pope’s guide, (40) Colleges That Change Lives. “Guilford caught my eye from the very beginning,” she says. “With its Quaker values and commitment to an education that changes student lives and all those in the Greensboro community and beyond, I was sold.”

    She says the nearly 8,000-mile trek to campus has been well worth it. “This community is different than many others around the world. And the programs are powerful. I find it incredible that I can take a 101 class in community problem solving.”

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