Counseling Center

The Counseling Center is a confidential place providing traditional students with opportunities for personal growth and exploration in a safe and caring environment. Here, students can receive psychological consultation, short-term counseling, and information on a variety of issues. The center’s staff is committed to helping students navigate the transitions and challenges of college life, including relationship concerns, feelings of anxiety or depression, alcohol or drug issues, issues with food and body image, academic and social pressures as well as other concerns. Our services are confidential and offered at no cost to students.

Entering students who have had mental health concerns in the recent past, or are currently in mental health treatment, are encouraged to plan early for a healthy transition to college by working with your mental health professional. If you know that your need is for weekly psychotherapy throughout the year, we are happy to help you find a resource in the community; however, another option would be to work with a therapist at the Counseling Center through the transition and then decide whether to pursue further treatment. If you are currently taking medication, please work with your doctor to arrange for refills. You are urged to continue taking your prescribed medication during the college transition and to discuss planned changes with your doctor or a center staff member in advance.

Sometimes parents have a difficult time knowing how to help students successfully transition to college life. The director is glad to consult with parents to help them decide how to best navigate this change.

Services Offered

When you meet with your counselor, you will talk about what you are hoping for, in terms of treatment, and what the therapist thinks is needed. Often concerns can be addressed in relatively short-term counseling; however, the length of your particular counseling will depend on many factors. You and your counselor will decide together what is right for you. You will always have the option to discontinue your treatment, even if the counselor recommends more sessions. If you decide that you want more sessions than the center can offer, we will help you to find a resource in the community. The Counseling Center serves traditional students only. CCE/Adult students should contact the CCE counselor at 336.316.2442.

What Should I Do If I'm Concerned About My Student?

If you’re concerned about your student’s psychological well-being, we are available to consult with you about the wisest way to handle your particular situation. This may include encouraging your student to come to the counseling center, having someone from Residence Life check on them, talking to their Advisor, and other options. Please know that you are welcome to call us at 336.316.2163 or to email Gaither Terrell. If there is a concern about the imminent safety of your student, we can take immediate action. In an after-hours mental health emergency, please call Public Safety at 336.316.2911.

Hours & Location

We are open 9am. to 5pm Monday-Friday for appointments or for emergencies. The center is located at 1203 Rachel Carson Court (former Milner Guest House). If you are experiencing a psychological crisis and the center is closed, please contact Guilford’s Public Safety office at 336.316.2911; they will assess your needs and contact the staff member on duty.

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Gaither Terrell , Director
Susan Smith, Administrative Assistant
Ernest McCoy, Part-time Counselor
Brittany Wyche, Full-time Counselor

1203 Rachel Carson Court (former Milner Guest House)
Greensboro, NC 27410
336.316.2163 or 336.316.2143

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