Drop/Add Goes Online Aug. 25

Posted: August 19, 2014

The College will unveil an online drop/add form on the first day of fall classes, Monday, Aug. 25.

This first version of the e-form has been designed to handle most drop/add requests though, in this version, some requests (such as dropping or adding a course not on the College’s course schedule, e.g., an independent study, internship or consortium course) still will require the use of a paper form.

This e-form will allow CCE and traditional-age students (no Early College students yet) to initiate drop/add requests from any location in which they have a computer or tablet (no smart phones yet!) connected to the Internet.

This e-form delivers students’ drop/add requests to the Registrar’s Office, with copies emailed to students, their advisors and their instructors. The Registrar’s Office will process requests in the order they are received and will email notifications to students, advisors and instructors. As was discussed in a forum in April 2013, students are encouraged, but not required, to obtain prior approval from their academic advisors before initiating drop/add requests.

Students may access this e-form from their Banner Web account and from the Registrar’s Intranet page. Paper drop/add slips will continue to be honored and must be signed by the student’s advisor and instructor as has been our practice. To add a closed (full) course, students must still use the paper form and obtain advisor and instructor permission (i.e., signatures).

Please join with us in expressing deep appreciation to Amy Kamrath (IT&S) for her sustained and creative efforts in writing and implementing this code; Tammy Martin and Norma Middleton (Registrar’s Office) for their thoughtful design of the e-form’s specifications and requirements; Ashley Dilger, Linda Leonard, Tammy Martin, LaToya Marsh, Norma Middleton (all from the Registrar’s Office) and numerous other staff, students and faculty for their extensive testing of the code; and Teresa Sanford (IT&S) for connecting the e-form to Banner Web in an eye-catching way.

This e-form is the College’s first attempt at creating and using an electronic drop/add form, and thus we expect to experience some growing pains. Please help us as we address any problems and refine the e-form’s capabilities by providing feedback via SurveyMonkey.

Questions? Please direct them to Steve Shapiro (sshapiro@guilford.edu, 336-316-2237), Norma Middleton (nmiddlet@guilford.edu, 336-316-2151) or Tammy Martin (tmartin@guilford.edu, 336-316-2366).

Last Updated: August 19, 2014