Radio Segments Feature Guilford Voices

Posted: August 4, 2014

Max Carter, James Shields, Kami Rowan and Dave Petree were interviewed by middle schoolers from WFDD’s summer Radio Camp. Segments recorded by the campers aired on the Triad public radio station.

The interviewees weren’t the only Guilfordians involved in Radio Camp. Mary Heisey ’15 worked to make the camp a success as part of a summer internship at WFDD. She applied experience she's gained as a DJ and as news & production manager at the College’s student-run radio station, WQFS.

“I was greeted by his friendly smile, contagious laugh and bushy white beard,” said Lucy Newsom upon meeting Max Carter, director of Friends Center and an adjunct professor of religious studies.

She interviewed Max about what “Quaker Studies” really means at Guilford. He spoke about the spiritual roots of the tradition, a well as Quakerism today, Quaker theology and Quaker testimonies.

When asked what he enjoys the most about working at Guilford, Max responded, “Guilford is a college that believes in educating the whole person: Body, Mind and Spirit.”

Listen to the segment with Max Carter.

Guilford professor and WQFS faculty advisor Kami Rowan was interviewed by camper Emma Kilpatrick. Kami discussed playing classical guitar in a band and recounted her recent trip to Northern Ireland to study music’s role in Ireland’s political scene. Emma also asked Kami about how working at Guilford affects her music.

“It creates, I guess, happy music, or it makes me want to play music in a positive way,” Kami said. “Some artists might have hard times in their lives, angst, and negativity going on, and that could also create music. You could also express that through music, but I think the way that I'm most affected by being at Guilford is positive and inspirational.”

Listen to the segment with Kami Rowan.

James Shields, director of the Bonner Center for Community Service and Learning at Guilford shared some of his extensive knowledge about Underground Railroad history and talked about his related role as an actor in the upcoming play Pathways to Freedom with camper Ethan Campbell-Brown. At the end of the interview, James was asked about the his favorite part of his job at Guilford.

“We help our students gain the skills and experience that they need if they really want to make a difference,” James explained. “You know, you hear a lot about ‘be the change you want to see in the world,’ but in order to be the change, you have to have some knowledge, you have to have some skills, you have to have experience, and that's part of what we do. So I love seeing our students get involved in the community and help them to graduate, and that's really the coolest thing that I like.”

Listen to the segment with James Shields.

Another radio camper interviewed Dave Petree, director of environmental sustainability at Guilford. Josie Patch asked the 20-year employee of the College to address the issue of conservation today.

“It’s very important that the young people in our societies understand the importance of the conservation of natural resources because they will be the ones that will be inheriting the problems and the situations that the older folks in the society have created or failed to address” Dave said pointedly. “So the solutions to some of the problems that we've created really are in the hands of the young people.”

He also added that his ambitions for Guilford included getting rid of the turf on the sports fields and eliminating dumpsters.

Listen to the segment with David Petree.

Story by Rachel Leahy ’14

Last Updated: August 29, 2014