May 30 Presidential Transition Update

Posted: May 30, 2014

To the Guilford College Community:

A Message from President-Elect Jane Fernandes

President-Elect Jane Fernandes has asked me to share the following message with you.

I very much appreciate the warm welcomes and kind words I’ve received from all facets of the bright jewel that is the Guilford community. During the crucial transition period underway, I am particularly grateful for the efforts of Ed Winslow and Nancy Quaintance in forming two transition teams. The work of these teams will help me prepare in the short weeks ahead to hit the ground running on July 1. We have our work cut out for us and it is reassuring to know the teams are in place to begin moving that forward.

Jim and I and our daughter Erin are looking forward to moving to campus soon. Our son Sean will be interning in Raleigh in July and August, and he will join us on campus some weekends, we hope. We are all excited to learn more about the values that permeate life at Guilford. We’ve started reading books on the history and beliefs of the Society of Friends, and we are looking forward to learning how Guilford College’s culture and ways are shaped by that heritage.

Thank you for allowing my family and me the opportunity to embrace and be embraced by all that is good about Guilford College. We can’t wait to live here.


Requests for Jane to Participate in 2014-15 Activities

The Guilford Community First Year Committee met on May 15 and 29 and will gather as needed this summer. It is collecting requests for Jane to participate in College activities in 2014-15. The committee and Jane are particularly interested in activities that will give her an understanding of Guilford’s values and traditions and our culture.

Requests from faculty, staff and students are invited. Please contact Ty Buckner at to obtain a request form, if you wish to submit a request. Requests will be reviewed and prioritized for Jane’s consideration.

Thanks to everyone for helping to welcome Jane into the Guilford community. She is raring to go.

Ed Winslow


Board of Trustees

Last Updated: June 26, 2014