Calling all Instagrammers, Photographers, Facebookers, and Guilfordians!

Posted: May 29, 2014

Do you often find yourself spending wayyyy too much time pondering which filter to use on that amazing photo you snapped? Well, it’s time to put your skills to use… Guilford style!

Why? Because we, your fellow alumni, want to see what wacky adventures you're up to. Whether you venture to the local swimming hole, another country or the beach, because never know when a Guilfordian is "in your neighborhood!"

Here’s how to share your photos with the Guilford community:

  1. Take a photo of any summer travel photos
  2. Use the hashtag #GuilfordTravel or #GuilfordAbroad and tag @guilfordalum in the description
  3. Be sure to name the destination and people/class years of your photo in the description!
  4. Post it on social media and submit it as a class note here.

Last Updated: June 3, 2014