Trustees Organizing Presidential Transition Teams

Posted: May 1, 2014

To the Guilford College Community:

The Board of Trustees joins the College community in welcoming Jane Fernandes as our ninth president. We are delighted with the enthusiasm for her appointment among faculty, staff, students and the greater community, and we look forward to her leadership among us.

Between now and July 1, Jane will be busy wrapping up her duties as provost at UNC Asheville, but she will also be doing as much as she can to prepare herself to be president of Guilford College. Meanwhile, Kent Chabotar will be completing 12 years of service as president.

With Kent’s support and assistance, Jane will visit the campus from time to time in order to meet and talk with Kent and College leaders. However, Guilford shall have only one president at a time, and until midnight June 30, that person is Kent.

With the direction of Board Chair Joseph M. Bryan Jr., trustees are forming transition teams whose mission is to provide tangible help with logistics, events and processes to enable Jane’s success as president, with a focus on organizing activities in her first 90 days in office.

A team of trustees, led by Nancy Quaintance, will advise and support Jane, introduce her to various internal and external constituencies and take other steps to introduce her as president. That team also includes Carole Bruce, Pete Cross, Hector McEachern and Ed Winslow for now.

In addition, there will be a broader team, whose leadership will include Nancy, Aaron Fetrow and Ty Buckner. Additional members representing on- and off-campus College constituencies will be recruited in the coming days.

The membership of the broader transition team will be announced in the near future and will begin developing and collecting ideas for transition activities. Community input will be important in this process, and regular updates will be provided.

Thank you for your participation in the presidential search process and your welcoming spirit. Best wishes as you conclude the academic year.

Ed Winslow
Board of Trustees

Last Updated: May 1, 2014