Volunteers Create Orchard at College Farm

Posted: March 30, 2016

Several dozen volunteers spent Saturday morning and early afternoon planting blueberry and blackberry bushes and persimmon trees at the Guilford College Farm. The Class of 2015 made the orchard possible through its Senior Gift.

Students, staff, faculty and friends of the farm dug holes and started about three dozen blueberry plants, 180 blackberry plants and 50 persimmon seedlings. The berry bushes should produce fruit in two years, while the persimmon trees likely will take at least four years to mature, according to Nick Mangili, the farm manager.

“We’re creating a permanent piece of the farm,” Nick said. “In the fall, we’ll plant an Asian pear variety. We’re also going to grow flowers and herbs with the fruit plants to create a habitat for pollinators and for predatory bugs that will keep away pest insects.”

Last Updated: March 30, 2016