Women's Studies and Women's, Gender, Sexuality Studies Retrospective Project

Posted: April 2, 2014

We are asking alumni, students, faculty and staff to help us TELL A BIG STORY. The story will be a narrative of 40 Years of Women’s Studies (WS) and Women’s, Gender, Sexuality Studies (WGSS) at Guilford College.

This fun project is engaging the leadership in WGSS, Alumni Relations, and the Center for Principled Problem Solving (CPPS). You do not want to miss the opportunity to share your story. We know that the department was, and continues to be, important to students/faculty/staff and that it has continued to affect lives after Guilford. These stories should be told.

We are envisioning a “community story telling” project that will be composed of the many voices from WS/WGSS program at Guilford. Anyone and everyone who helped to shape WS/WGSS department is asked to contribute to an on-line ePortfolio in the form of memories about and reflections upon some parts of your involvement in this program. These can be a couple of pages long, a half page, or a few sentences. You can send one or several. It can include photos or video.

Your contributions can be sent to alumni@guilford.edu. If you send more than one, please send each separately with your name on each one. By sending them you are agreeing that they can be included in this ePortfolio which will be a public document.

Note: Your story may be critical of the program but we will not use criticism of named persons.

Suggestions and Prompts on Story telling (please feel free to come up with your own):
• When did you take your first WS course?
• What books are still important to you that you read in college?
• Who was in your WS/WGSS learning cohort? Are you still in touch?
• What internships mattered to you?
• Did you live in alternative housing that dealt with these topics?
• What special projects did you plan and lead?
• Were there assignments that made a big impact on you and your thinking?
• Did you have emotional reactions that stretched you and helped you grow?
• How was WS/WGSS a part of your study abroad experience?
• Did you become involved in women/gender issues off campus – Planned Parenthood, Rape Crisis Line, etc?
• What classes did you want to take that were not offered?
• What was most fun/challenging about WS/WGSS?

Also share some memories in an abbreviated format of 1-2 lines like these:
• The Vagina Monologues was very important.
• Do you remember our Dinner Party, when we all came as feminists of the past, to respond to Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party?
• Flowers at the Annual WS Celebration.
• Bell hooks.
• Going to WGSS Conference at UNCG with Julie Winterich.
• A Room of One’s Own.
• Laura O’Toole as my thesis advisor.
• CCE Brown Bag Lunch for WS students in the Worth House.
• The tributes to Sarah Malino and Judy Harvey after the WGSS conference in 2013.

Last Updated: September 29, 2014