I chose Guilford because it made me feel like more than just a number, or a name on a piece of paper. Students and faculty value your uniqueness and individual passions. My scholarship has granted me the ability to reach the height of my intellectual curiosity and express it everyday.

Dannika Gottbrecht, Class of 2018 French and International Studies major

Student Imperatives

We have a charge to actively create
positive change in the world.

As you consider your contribution, look to the students at Guilford College. Throughout our campus, thousands of tomorrow’s change agents eagerly prepare to make an impact. Curious, determined, values-driven — they crave applicability. They want to put what they’re learning to work, not just to transform their own lives, but for the betterment of us all.

The Guilford College learning experience is exactly the preparation they need. When you support the students at Guilford, you help develop learners who don’t just seek a solution; they understand how to contextualize the problem. Here, diverse perspectives have a voice. A sense of justice and moral purpose prevails. And an eye for truth lights the way forward. The Guilford way has relevance for us all and for any challenge the future holds.

The world needs more of the kind of leadership that Guilford fosters. What better investment than in those ready to carry forth our Quaker ideals? Join with us to answer the charge in lasting and meaningful ways.

Above all else, students say that at Guilford College they feel valued. In other words, we believe in them, and we believe in the holistic preparation that a Quaker-based education provides.


When Guilford students go out into the world, they have all the tools they need to identify where change must happen along with the initiative to carry it out — collaboratively, ethically, sustainably. What we teach and the way we teach transcends typical study, extending to life as a whole and intersecting any number of careers, communities and complex problems.

Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors - $1 Million

We are comfortable asking challenging questions and persistent in the search for truth.

WHERE WE ARE The learning environment at Guilford is one of constant inquiry. Undergraduate research is one of the greatest vehicles for students to grow, honing their ability to question the world around them and contribute to what we know. The Summer Research Scholars program, for example, includes eight weeks of research study aimed at serving a community partner. The Guilford Undergraduate Symposium showcases the variety and quality of original student work. The Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities (SENCER) project, funded by National Science Foundation, activates engagement in
real world problems.

Many universities withhold significant research opportunities like these until the graduate years. At Guilford, undergraduates don’t have to wait.

WHERE WE WANT TO GO Endowed support for research will allow more students to engage in meaningful research and to delve deeper into their study. When you partner with Guilford, you make possible any number of transformational opportunities:

  • Research scholarships that position Guilford to attract and reward the most serious scholars who want to make research the focus of their college experience.
  • Project funds that allow students to pursue in-depth investigation into a specific area of research.
  • Professional meetings and conferences that allow students to network and present.
  • The freedom for financially challenged students to choose research over employment.

Internships - $1 Million

We see the world as our lab.

WHERE WE ARE Experiential learning is a differentiator for Guilford College. The quantity and depth of hands-on learning experiences is practically unrivaled in North Carolina higher education. As a result, Guilford students are encouraged to seek out real-world application and dig in, making a difference — right now — for themselves and for others. The more we can build on the positive outcomes of experiential learning, the better off our students and communities will be. In addition, Guilford is ahead of the national average when it comes to employment placement, and we are neck and neck with the colleges and universities nationally for acceptance into graduate school. We attribute these successes to several elements of the Guilford experience, not the least of which is a wealth of internship opportunities.

What makes internships at Guilford distinctive?

  • Customization. Students have faculty mentor support to  custom create the exact internships that inspire them and  help them advance.
  • Outreach to site supervisors. Unlike many other liberal arts institutions, Guilford has an employer advisory board whose members share the skills they need, allowing us to perfectly match people with organizations.
  • Breadth of options. Students have the opportunity to intern  at community sites, nonprofit organizations and large  corporations alike, both domestically and internationally.
  • Credit-bearing. Most internships allow for sizable course credits that keep students moving along the path to their goals.

We believe this is why Guilford alumni outpace graduates from large state institutions in career placement. It’s all about networking and being ready from Day One.

WHERE WE WANT TO GO With experiential education at the core of the Guilford experience, internships are a clear strength. Together, we can build on a good thing and share it with more students. Currently about 750 out of Guilford’s approximately 2,000 students intern each year. Increased funding will lead to increased participation, allow for transportation to internship sites, and help free students from the difficult decision of choosing paid employment over an unpaid internship. 

Endowed Scholarships - $3 Million

We believe in opening the door — because low-income has nothing to do with high achievement.

WHERE WE ARE We are called to be socially just. What we stand for,  and the educational heritage that we have carefully fostered  since our founding, means nothing if it is available only to a  select few. The time has come to endow scholarship funding at  a level that will fortify our mission of inclusivity while making  Guilford College more competitive among high achieving  students than ever before.

The numbers are telling:

  • Twenty-five percent of Guilford students are first generation.
  • Currently, nearly 40 percent of our student body has a Pell  Grant.
  • Only seven percent of the financial aid Guilford offers is  funded via endowed scholarships.

What does this mean for Guilford? A staggering 93 percent of the aid we award comes straight out of the College’s operating budget. Enrollment and budgeting in higher education is ever challenging, but it only pushes us to stand up even more for the education that Guilford provides. Although every student demonstrating financial need receives some type of aid at Guilford College, there is much more work to be done. We remain committed to access so that talented and determined students can call Guilford their academic home.

WHERE WE WANT TO GO Endowed scholarship funding could be one of the greatest game changers for Guilford. A robust, endowed scholarship program would ease the pressure on institutional budgeting and allow donors to directly transform lives through educational opportunity. Scholarships of any amount send the message that we expect great things from our students as they go forward. Full-ride scholarships will draw more high-achieving students to our campus while smaller college and departmental awards will serve as a powerful tool for retention. We see a future in all of our students, in the impact they can make and in the impact we can make for them.