A great faculty member changes lives and puts students on a more purpose-driven path. My Guilford professors taught me much more than facts alone; they helped me attain wisdom and find my way in the world. Their highest calling was to help me find mine.


Faculty Imperatives

We have a first name kind of faculty.

Professors at Guilford College have reached the pinnacle of academic success. They’ve attained the highest degrees and the accolades that go along with them. They conduct important research and collaborate across disciplines on meaningful projects. But most of all, they are recognized for outstanding teaching.

Though they’ve earned the respect of their peers, what matters most is their devotion to their students. Our Quaker principles inspire a first-name-basis learning environment in which students are known, valued and mentored. To model Guilford values, to commit to a student-centered learning experience, to help students discover who they are and what they can achieve — this is what distinguishes our faculty. The process of self-actualization is a transformational experience on our campus, one that makes our faculty not just teachers, but mentors for life.

When you support faculty development, research and innovation, you help Guilford faculty change the lives of their students, who in turn have the potential to change the world.

When we support outstanding faculty, we invest in the people who invest in our students.


Faculty Development and Innovative Teaching - $1 Million

We hire excellent faculty and then empower them to do what they do best.

WHERE WE ARE  At Guilford College, faculty members have the freedom to conceive the classroom in new dimensions. We believe in giving our professors the power to choose the styles, methods, and tools that best reach their students. They know best practices. They uphold liberal arts learning. And they make use of advanced technology. How does Guilford pave the way for innovation? Our MakerSpace and experimental classrooms allow faculty to experiment with classroom design and new pedagogies. Collaborative spaces enable them to share successful approaches in teaching the liberal arts. These are just two examples. Continued investment in our faculty’s good work will benefit student learning in untold ways .

WHERE WE WANT TO GO Only when faculty realize their potential as teachers, can students realize their potential as change agents. Our goal, therefore, is to provide innovative ways for our faculty to become better teachers. What opportunities are before us? More January Term courses, which provide incredible experiences for faculty to take learning out of the classroom and into the field. Increasing collaboration with other liberal arts institutions. And greater access to the technologies that allow students to delve deeper into their studies. 

Faculty Research and Technology - $1 Million

We bring faculty research into the classroom.

WHERE WE ARE High-quality, engaged teaching is Guilford’s top priority. But in the comprehensive student experience, research is also an important teaching tool that gives our students a competitive edge in the marketplace. At Guilford, faculty members bring their research into the classroom. Students explore alongside faculty, conducting studies in which they discover together. Joining faculty in investigative study allows students to take part in the process of inquiry, to learn the nuances and the rewards. The same goes for technology. We incorporate every current resource for our students to be at the cutting edge the minute they enter the workforce. Employers validate our efforts, attesting that Guilford students have better presentation skills, a deeper understanding, and a higher level of comfort interfacing and collaborating with colleagues outside of Guilford. The way that our faculty engages, treats, and works with our students gives them a tremendous advantage when applying to graduate school, getting jobs in their field, and starting their journey on the road to success.

WHERE WE WANT TO GO Unfortunately, funds for research are always under pressure. And while we are ahead in our engagement of undergraduates in faculty/student research projects, we are not competitive in how we compensate faculty for their work. The Guilford professor’s value and impact are no less, and in fact often greater, than that of other institutions’ faculty. Endowed funding will help faculty continue to offer research experiences for students and also allow access to technology that rivals that of our peers. Ultimately, we are helping students realize their potential as seekers of truth. 

Endowed Chairs and Professorships - $2.5 Million

We stand proudly behind our liberal arts tradition.

WHERE WE ARE At a special place like Guilford College, there is something to be said for retaining institutional memory and standing proudly behind our liberal arts curriculum. When we recruit faculty members, we look for professionals who value our history and understand how to integrate Quaker principles into all aspects of their teaching. Not everyone can reach the bar. In addition, we know too well that faculty recruitment in higher education is fiercely competitive. We want to keep a Guilford education financially in reach, but that often means that our faculty are compensated at a rate lower than many of their peers — even as we are known nationally for fostering success in students from diverse backgrounds and learning styles.

WHERE WE WANT TO GO Our students are not the only ones who value members of the Guilford faculty. Other institutions recognize the jewels that we have in our ranks. Attracting top faculty is only part of our charge; retaining them, when other colleges and universities come recruiting, is key. Increasing the number of endowed chairs and professorships will go a long way in helping us reach our faculty recruitment and retention goals. Ideally, each department will have at least one endowed chair and professorships will span the arts and humanities, the sciences, and interdisciplinary studies.