Senior Gift

This is your chance to leave a lasting legacy at Guilford. This year, the Class of 2015 has chosen an orchard to give to the campus.

You can make your first gift to support the orchard, the Annual Funds, or any program or area of campus.

Give $5 and get a pair of Guilford sunglasses!
Give $20.15+ and sponsor a faculty, staff or student to participate in the
Mud Race Obstacle Course!
Give $50+ and get a membership in the GOLD Society!


When you sponsor a faculty, staff or student to participate in the Mud Obstacle Course, the nominee will run the course wearing a shirt with your name on it! The race will take place in April 2015 on Guilford's campus.

Contact  Hali Kohls  if you have questions about Senior Gift.


Fri May 12

Recital for Every Campus A Refuge

7:00 PM - 8:30 PMCarnegie Room, Hege Library Visit this linkRead More

Student Philanthropy


Student callers are essential to the success of the Annual Funds and to maintaining strong relationships with the Guilford Community. Most importantly, Guilford Phonathon callers believe wholeheartedly in the mission of the College and understand that the generous support of the Annual Funds by alumni, parents and friends makes it possible for Guilford to maintain a consistently high level of excellence for current and future generations of outstanding students. Student callers are the best ambassadors to talk about the unique Guilford experience - because they’re living it.

During the fiscal year 2013 the Phonathon students brought in $222,000 in gifts and pledges. Many Guilford supporters consider the Phonathon as their preferred method of supporting the College. Thanks to everyone who answered the call!

Philanthropy Week

The 4th annual Guilford College Philanthropy Week occurred March 10-14, 2014. This date is significant because it is about 78 percent of the way through school year. This represents the point at which tuition runs out and donations fund the student experience for the remainder of the year!

The event celebrates philanthropy, and educates the campus community about giving to Guilford. Each day of Philanthropy Week, students could write thank you notes at a writing station, visit an Annual Funds game table and make their senior gift in Founders.

500+ Thank You notes written to Annual Funds donors
$1,000+ given to the Class of 2014 Swing Set (engaged ≈ 40 percent of class)
$300+ given to other current-use funds & Annual Funds
60+ signs and banners placed on campus to educate the community
40+ geodes smashed & facts learned (illustrating the impact of the Annual Funds on the Geology Department)
12+ organizations participated in the Volunteer Fair
10+ talented students performed at the "Donors Rock Open Mic"

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