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Graduates of the Last Decade Society

President's Dinner

Graduate school. Internships. Travel. Career. Volunteer work. Life after Guilford can be busy! And the further you are from that undergraduate experience, the easier it is to forget how much of an impact Guilford has had on your life. But you ARE Guilford. And now you’re taking your Guilford experience into your community, to change the world — one person at a time.

Today’s students need your support to become tomorrow’s doctors, teachers, and activists. Without your support, many students could not afford a Guilford education. Alumni support is essential for Guilford to offer a uniquely designed education to all current and future Guilfordians — and to help them become tomorrow’s leaders.

A new Annual Giving program has been created for alumni like you:  the Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) Society. Membership in GOLD offers special recognition to leadership donors of all ages, with giving levels that graduate over time. GOLD participants receive honorary membership in the President’s Club, including an invitation to attend the President’s Dinner.