Speaking to alumni at Phonathon and hearing how much they love Guilford and want to sustain its legacy has made me appreciate my experience here even more. It’s so important for alumni to realize that their role as members of the Guilford community doesn’t end after graduation; their presence at alumni events, their input on school decisions, and of course their financial support do amazing things for everyone in the wide network of Guilfordians past and present. Alumni support makes you realize you’re part of something bigger than just a four-year education.

Nellie Vinograd
Class of 2017
Double major in Sociology/Anthropology and English
Minors in Communications and Film

Annual Fund Imperatives

We have a BOND.

To be a part of the Guilford community means to share a special set of principles — Quaker principles — and to pledge a commitment to ethics and to the search for truth. The Guilford way of living, learning and leading is  ours alone, and it’s one worth championing.

The Annual Funds program allows us all to have a direct and immediate impact for the programs and the people that make Guilford an outstanding institution. Support for Annual Funds does more than open doors; it unlocks potential, strengthening our foundation and empowering us to be an even greater Guilford than we are today.

There is power in numbers. What makes the Annual Funds so impactful is our joining together to make great things happen. Donors of all ages and financial abilities, new graduates and longtime alumni, members of the campus community and of the greater community have a tremendous role in the transformative learning and discovery that happens here each and every day. We are committed, as ever, to put your support to work for our college and our community.

A gift to Guilford College, year after year, makes possible the transformation that happens on our campus day after day.


Guilford College Annual Funds are attainable for every kind of donor, and each and every gift makes a difference. In addition, we give you the choice of designating your gift to any one of the six areas below that means the most to you.

Annual Funds - $1.5 Million

The Loyalty Fund supports operating expenses with unrestricted gifts.

The Quaker Club supports Guilford’s competitive NCAA Division III program.

The Friends of the Library Fund supports special collections and projects in Hege Library.

The Friends Center General Fund supports speakers and programs at the Friends Center.

The Center for Continuing Education Fund supports a range of programs and scholarships to help adult students succeed at Guilford College.

The Faculty Development Fund supports the teaching and research that transforms the lives of our students and prepares them to be agents for positive change in the world.

Annual Funds

We help you do more than make a gift; we ensure that your gift makes all the difference.

WHERE WE ARE Scholarships for high-achieving students. Faculty support for professors whose teaching transforms. Programmatic funding for the kind of engaged, experiential learning that distinguishes Guilford College. Few giving opportunities offer a more immediate impact than the Guilford College Annual Funds. And few are so effective at creating persistent momentum forward. Our donors want to be a continued part of our story, and they understand that consistent support helps make possible the transformation that happens on our campus day after day.

WHERE WE WANT TO GO An entire community moving toward the same goal together is powerful. Our goal is simple: To inspire every person connected and indebted to Guilford College to join our family of annual donors by making a gift each year.

From keeping the lights on to creating those light bulb moments, from feeding their appetite to satisfying their craving for knowledge, from making the campus a sight to behold to giving them a vision for the future that will inspire them well beyond graduation day — Annual Funds support means more to the day to day learning experience than any other kind of contribution. Whether you view yourself as a sustainer of the Guilford experience or a builder of new things to come, every contribution is critical. When you give to Annual Funds, you do more than make a gift; you make all the difference.  

President's Club

1837 — the year of our founding and the beginning of a long and meaningful history of changing lives through Quaker-based education. The number is significant to us because it represents not only where we came from, but also just how far we can go. With your annual gift of $1,837 or more to the President's Club, you’ll join a special group of supporters who help us bridge our proud past to an exciting future for Guilford College. But even more significant is the impact you’ll make for each and every Guilford student, and the impact that they will be able to make — because of you.

Graduates of the Last Decade

Are you a graduate of Guilford College? A new Annual Giving program just for alumni celebrates the impact of Guilford College in your life. You’ve taken your Guilford experience into your career and your community, carrying with you the valuable lessons and principles that you gained while at Guilford. The Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) Society is an annual giving opportunity that allows you to provide today’s students with the same Guilford experience that changed your life. As a member of the Gold Society, leadership donors of all ages earn special recognition by graduating giving levels over time. You’ll also receive honorary membership in the President’s Club, including an invitation to attend the President’s Dinner. You were Guilford then; you are Guilford now. Join your fellow alumni in the GOLD Society, and pave the way for new generations of alumni to follow.