The amazing part about my study abroad program—SIT’s Post-Genocide Restoration and Peacebuilding in Rwanda—is that we learned in a way that is not possible in a classroom and from textbooks. We met the Chairperson of the Gulu district in Uganda who negotiated directly with the head of the Lord’s Resistance Army during the 2006 peace talks. These direct encounters pushed me to think critically about what I am hearing, seeing, and reading, about the world itself.

Dvorah Nadel ’15 B.A.

Program Imperatives

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Guilford’s approach to academic and co-curricular programming is steeped in several points of distinction and pride: our Quaker values, our liberal arts focus, and our personalized approach to education. Together, they inform how we teach, interact, inspire and lead.

When it comes to global education, we don’t just prepare students for international travel; we engrain a lifelong sense of cultural awareness — before a student ever boards a plane. That is acting on our value of diversity. When we provide exhibitions that are relevant to multiple constituents, and offer opportunities to bond with each other through art, we express our value of community. When we support students in the Honors Program, we demonstrate our commitment to academic excellence. And when we develop a Center for Principled Problem Solving, we embolden our students to actively live our seven core values, which we bring to the forefront of every decision we make and every solution we identify.

To model Guilford values, to commit to a student-centered learning experience, to help students discover who they are and what they can achieve — this is what distinguishes our faculty. The process of self-actualization is a transformational experience on our campus, one that makes our faculty not just teachers, but mentors for life.

Our steadfast vision is to uphold the kind of programming that transcends typical classroom learning. Join with us. Guilford programs are vital to our mission and to our identity as a liberal arts college. And so are you. 

We seek support for imperatives in five key programmatic areas of ongoing need that help make Guilford College a transformational education.


Honors Endowment - $500,000

We foster thinkers and develop leaders who change the world.

WHERE WE ARE High-achieving students arrive on our campus with the desire to harness as many opportunities for learning as possible. The Honors Program allows them to delve deeper into academic study and research, creating thinkers who are well prepared to succeed. Guilford Honors students are accepted into selective graduate programs, gain national internships and international fellowships, and compete for sought-after positions. This competitive program cultivates a community of learners who are intellectual risk-takers and supports them with an Honors dorm, faculty mentors, senior stipends for research, and opportunities to become academic leaders.

WHERE WE WANT TO GO How we attract and engage students with intellectual curiosity is critical to making Guilford a college that nurtures excellence. By endowing and growing the Honors Program, we can recruit more high-achieving students and expand the impact our alumni make. We hope you will help us to attract and transform the best and brightest students who will become the next generation of leaders.

Global Education Endowment - $500,000

We navigate cultural differences with confidence.

WHERE WE ARE Global education is on the threshold of becoming a differentiator for Guilford College. What makes us distinctive, and even a first choice institution, is our approach. We help students choose a location that is the best possible laboratory for study based on their academic interests. We prepare them for that experience with an intensive five-week pre-departure program that lays the foundation for intercultural sensitivity and responsible cross-cultural engagement. Students reflect on their interactions with locals while abroad and develop appreciation for different worldviews and ways of living. They return home with an experience of lasting value that has prepared them for the 21st century global workforce. All this is done while staying on schedule for graduation.

WHERE WE WANT TO GO We are proud of our distinctive approach to global learning and want all of our students to have access to it. More than half never study abroad for one simple reason. Cost. For too many, the price of a plane ticket, passport and visa is a major obstacle. Therefore, our number one priority is to increase scholarship support and the additional staffing to handle the increased participation. Finally, a Global Learning Center would provide a social and intellectual hub for all things international. 

Center for Principled Problem Solving - $1 Million

We are committed to moving communities forward in ethical and inclusive ways.

WHERE WE ARE Now, more than ever, our world needs leaders that are values-defined and values-driven. The Center for Principled Problem Solving (CPPS) cultivates such leaders by providing Guilford students with the knowledge, skills and moral values necessary for enacting principled solutions to contemporary economic, political and social issues. The CPPS engages students, faculty and staff with a model for principled problem solving and decision making by offering experiential learning opportunities that challenge all of us to work productively with others to make our communities and the world a more just and sustainable place. Drawing together Guilford’s Quaker heritage, the college’s interdisciplinary curriculum, and the passion of our community for positive change, the CPPS serves Guilford as an innovative hub of teaching and learning for an educational experience relevant to the 21st century.

WHERE WE WANT TO GO The CPPS has developed a strong reputation for helping members of the Guilford community engage their passion for positive social change as part of their college experience. The next phase of the CPPS’s development will be growing Guilford College’s reputation as a known and effective resource for ethical problem solving, relying on the College’s core values, in the Piedmont Triad. The new PPS Community Initiative will require funds to support active listening, focused research, and effective engagement.

Guilford Art Gallery - $500,000

We view art as an instructional resource that benefits all disciplines.

WHERE WE ARE Hands-on interaction with art — not just seeing art, but living with it— can be a transformative learning experience. At Guilford, art is integrated across the curriculum. The Guilford College Art Gallery offers students uncommon opportunities to view, study and even handle works of art. Through our exhibitions, faculty and students take advantage of programming that enriches the learning experience and fosters an environment of contemplation, inspiration, challenging discourses and innovative collaborations. The Gallery is also a bridge from campus to the wider public, serving local K-12 students, senior citizens, and artists and scholarly researchers around the globe.

WHERE WE WANT TO GO Our goal is to create an endowment that ensures the stewardship of our outstanding collection and enhances the art experience the College provides to the campus and the Triad community. Join with us to endow the directorship, enhance academic programming, and protect access to works of art, not only for students and faculty, but for visitors to campus.

Friends Center - $500,000

We believe that Quaker spirituality has the power to enhance education and leadership.

WHERE WE ARE  The Friends Center provides programs that foster servant-leaders at Guilford and around the community. Founded in 1982, the center nurtures our ties to Quakerism and makes possible the integration of spirituality with our academic mission. Each year, the center brings outstanding speakers for exploration around themes like sustainability; spirituality and science; Friends and healing; Quakers in business and moral ethics. In addition, the four-year, co-curricular Quaker Leadership Scholars Program (QLSP) emphasizes — across any field of study — Quaker ethos, leadership, service, and the disciplines of spiritual life.

WHERE WE WANT TO GO Endowment support for the Center invests in the preservation of Guilford’s heritage while enhancing a multi-faith resource available to all students. When fully funded, the endowment will make possible thriving leadership and internship programs as well as critical campus ministry and director positions.