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Black Alumni of Guilford College (BAGC) Advisory Board Meeting

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Boston Alumni Meet Up

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Art Department Reunion 2014 & Celebration of Adele Wayman

Posted: May 12, 2014

The Art Department enjoyed a reunion and celebration of Adele Wayman in April 2014 with over 80 people in attendance. After 40 years of work at Guilford College, Adele will retire in May 2014. People traveled from all over the country to participate in this special weekend.

The weekend kicked off with a reception in the Art Gallery with Adele Wayman: A Retrospective. Saturday packed the library with a tour given by Adele of her exhibit and followed with a luncheon full of alumni presentations. Sarah Taylor Harris '79, Adam Robinson '88, Natalie Sept '06 and Kathleen Kennedy '10 kicked off the afternoon with their presentations that described the impact Adele and Guilford College had on their life and work. Many others followed with their words. As always, it was powerful to hear alumni, staff and faculty articulate the myriad ways in which Guilford nurtured the individual and vice versa. The reunion came to a close with a party at the Alumni House full of live music and connectivity.

Thanks to everyone who came and participated in the Art Department 2014 Reunion and celebration of Adele. We missed those of you who could not make it, but we look forward to seeing you next time.

Physics Department Reunion 2014

Posted: May 12, 2014

The Physics Department continues to be a shining example of consistent alumni engagement and contributions to the College. Your expertise, networking, and philanthropy are vital to the college. Over 40 alumni returned this year for the reunion weekend. Three current students and thirteen alumni offered presentations, including this year’s Sheridan Simon Distinguished Alumni Lecturer, Julie Crooke ‘87. Julie is the Aerospace Technologist, Technical Management, Astrophysics Line of Business Manager at NASA.

Here is the list of presentations given in March:

  • Emma Taylor 2014 – The Evolution of the Relationship Between the Temporal Decay Index and the Spectral Index of GRBs
  • Nolan Dwyer 2014 – Flying Discs and the Affect of Disc Shape on their Flight Characteristics
  • Hank Corbett 2014 – Cosmic Ray Anisotropy with the IceCube South Pole Neutrino Telescope
  • Karen Lewis 1981 – I Think. Therefore I Am. Therefore I Think...
  • James Esterline 2003 – Probing Resonances in Germanium with Neutrons for Double Beta Decay
  • William Hahn 2008 – Computer Vision and Medical Imaging
  • Bradley Anderson 1977 – Alumni Association
  • Keith Rider 1996 – A Short Affair with SHeDA
  • Paula Jordan 1983 – Physics For Science Fiction
  • Sarah Blau 2007 – Fun Facts from Vet Med
  • Karen Richon 1984 – Trajectory Design for James Webb Space Telescope
  • Howard Page 1977 – Observations on Good and Evil
  • Julie Crooke, 1987 Faith in the Future - The 15th Sheridan Simon Distinguished Alumni Lecture: Astrophysics - The Cross-Link between Past, Present, and Future
  • Dennis Kirschbaum 1983 – Physics for English Majors: A Journey
  • Ari Betof 2002 – Inverted-U Curves of Friends Education: Reflections from the Quaker Ed Leadership Symposium
  • Don Cline 1978 – Hands on Science at PARI
  • Stephen Harvey 1982 – U.S. Energy Production Trends

We are especially grateful for the opportunity to participate in the continuing legacy of Sheridan Simon, Jefferson-Pilot Professor of Physics, by way of the “Faith in the Future” lecture series. It is our great hope that resources will become available through gifts to the College to fully endow the program. To date, $16,600.00 is needed to reach our goal. Click here to make a contribution.

The Adelberger Research Endowment, made possible by the generosity of Rex and Pat Adelberger and other donors, is now fully endowed and provides funds to the Physics department in support of student research and other academic endeavors.

Thanks to everyone who came and participated in the Physics Department 2014 Reunion. We missed those of you who could not make it, but we look forward to seeing you next time.