Tuition and Financial Aid

We make every effort, within the limits of our available financial aid resources, to assure that no qualified students will be denied the opportunity to attend Guilford College simply because they lack adequate funds. Fortunately, financial assistance is available in a variety of forms from federal and state government resources to help students who meet academic and financial need requirements.

Applying for Federal Student Aid

Guilford College’s priority date for filing the FAFSA is February 15 for all students. The FAFSA can be filed beginning January 1, 2015 by going to the FAFSA website. If you have any questions regarding the need-based application process, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 336.316.2354. Students filing after this date are subject to a reduction in need-based aid based on availability of funds.

If you are weighing the benefits of an adult education in North Carolina against the financial strain that it may cause, it‘s important to know that Guilford College is dedicated to removing financial barriers by assisting you in every way possible to achieve your education goals.

Adult Student Tuition

ADULT STUDENT TUITION FOR the 2015-16 academic year
Tuition per Credit
Tuition per 4 Credits
Tuition per 8 Credits
tuition per 9 credits 
Tuition per 12 Credits
Tuition per 16 Credits

Required Fees for Adult Students

Registration Fee
Activity Fee*
Technology Fee
*Includes fees for SGA, the Learning Commons and the Career Development Center.

Optional Fees for Adult Students

Optional Fees
Athletics Facilities Usage Fee
Motor Vehicle Registration - Academic Year
Motor Vehicle Registration - One Semester Only
Bicycle Registration
CCE AudIt tuition (per credit)
Senior Citizen Audit Fee (per course)
Transcript Processing Fee
RUSH Transcript Processing Fee
25 meals per semester (does not roll over to next term - CCE students only)

*Subject to Change

Special Course Fees

modern dance I 
modern dance II 
education 440 (student teaching) 
education 440 (student teaching for two teachers) 
music fees - Guilford; one 1/2-hour lesson per week 
music fees - guilford; one 1-hour lesson per week 
piano class 
computer security course fee 
inter networking computer 
guitar class 
voice class 
african drumming class fee 

Tuition Adjustments

A student may change registration and add courses through the end of the drop/add period, which is defined as one week and one class day after the first official day of classes in each session. Students making changes during the drop/add period will have their charges reassessed. CCE students who remain enrolled at Guilford for at least four credit hours may obtain a full refund for regular, intensive or Fast Track courses dropped through the last day to add such courses. No adjustments or refunds are made after this day. Any course changes must be completed in the CCE office or the Registrar’s office. As a result of such changes, financial aid awards that require half-time or full-time enrollment for the term will be canceled in accordance with state and/or federal requirements.

Withdrawal from the College

Withdrawal from Guilford is official only after a Withdrawal Form is completed and submitted to the registrar by the Center for Continuing Education. A request to the registrar for an academic transcript shall not be considered a notice of withdrawal from the college. If withdrawal occurs prior to the first day of classes, 100 percent of all tuition and fees are refunded. After the first day of classes, the refund is based on U.S. Department of Education requirements. A refund schedule can be obtained from the Office of Student Financial Services.

Any non-attending student who fails to submit a cancel/withdrawal form before the first day of class will be charged a $300 late fee and could be responsible for charges up to full tuition and fees; charges are based on the date the form is received by CCE.

Date of Withdrawal
Adjustment Percentage
First day of class through end of Drop/Add period    90% 
1-7 days beyond end of Drop/Add period 75% 
8-14 days beyond end of Drop/Add period 50% 
15-21 days beyond end of Drop/Add period 25% 
22 or more days beyond end of Drop/Add period No Adjustment
Students should be aware that withdrawal from classes may result in the loss of some types of financial aid awards, including eligibility for the North Carolina Need-Based Scholarship. For withdrawing students who are receiving federal financial aid through Guilford College, the aid adjustment is dictated by federal regulations.