Adult Programs

Health Insurance Option

Registered CCE Students are eligible to purchase Student Health Insurance through United Healthcare.

For information about adding the cost of the Student Health Insurance to your bill, please call Stephanie Williams at 336.316.2142.

Please note: CCE Student Health Insurance is not offered through Guilford College and the Student Health Office cannot answer questions regarding CCE Student Health Insurance plans. Any questions or concerns regarding the Student Health Insurance plan and coverage should be addressed to United Healthcare.

Resources and Student Support

Academic Resources

Adult Student Success Courses

An Adult Transitions course is offered exclusively for first-term adult students at Guilford College. The central focus of the course is to help our Greensboro, NC continuing education students ease into Guilford College, and come to terms with the issues and opportunities involved in life changes. Students read autobiographies and write autobiographical essays as a means of working through these transitions.

Friend-to-Friend Peer Mentors

Peer mentors offer guidance and encouragement to students who are new to our continuing education courses in Greensboro. Whether you happen to be struggling with new technology, trying to get around on campus, looking for new friends, needing help in finding campus resources or anything else, a peer mentor can be your guide. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. For more information on requesting or becoming a peer mentor, contact Nicole Cornett Arnold, CCE student success counselor, at 336.316.2267.

Peer mentors offer guidance and encouragement to students who are new to our continuing education courses in Greensboro. 

The Learning Commons

Free tutoring and other academic support services can be found in The Learning Commons (LC). Here, staff members and peers help students develop strategies for more effective and efficient learning across the curriculum and throughout their lives. The LC provides academic support for all students, including adult students, students with special needs, students on academic probation and those doing creative writing, advanced course work or senior theses.

Disability Resources

Guilford is proud of its support services for students with learning differences. Disability Resources has a broad system of services that students find useful and encouraging. Our advisers work with students individually to help them carefully plan/balance their classes and schedules.

CCE and Hendricks Hall: Adult Study and Activities Lounge

A study and activities lounge is provided for adult students in Hendricks Hall. Telephones for local calls, study space, wireless Internet access and computers for student use are also available here. Building hours are 7:30am -11pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 6:30pm on Saturdays, when classes are in session. The building is not available on Sundays unless special permission is obtained in advance.

Student Life Resources

CCE Student Government Association (SGA)

The CCE Student Government Association (SGA) is composed entirely of CCE students and exists to serve the welfare and interests of adult students by working to establish a community that is supportive of the continuing education of adults. The SGA sponsors social and cultural events throughout the year.

Career Development Center

The Career Development Center works with members of the Guilford College community to aid students and alumni in career preparation through self-exploration and major investigation and to coordinate internships and on-campus student employment. The Center works to connect each individual’s academic knowledge and experiential learning in ways that lead to fulfilling employment. The department employs a holistic approach to career development by teaching career-related skills through classes, workshops and individual career counseling. The Center provides resume-building and graduate-school advising services.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities abound for adult students at Guilford College. Adult students may participate free of charge in academic clubs, departmental clubs and activities, intramural sports and the campus fine arts series, as well as all events sponsored by SGA. Participation in other traditional student clubs and organizations is available upon payment of a CCE Plus Activity Fee of $25 per semester. Currently, adult students are not considered eligible to be elected officers in student clubs and activities designed for traditional-aged students.

Multicultural Education Department

The Multicultural Education Department takes an inclusive approach as it strives to educate and celebrate diversity and multiculturalism on the campus of Guilford College. As our staff and students seek to build bridges, both on campus and in the greater Greensboro community, we invite students to be catalysts for positive change by visiting with us and participating in programming and workshops sponsored by the department.

Additional Campus Resources

Hege Library

Hege Library includes a complete array of library services, and leads the Guilford College community in identifying, locating, evaluating and gaining access to the full range of information available. The library’s promotion of information literacy advances our mission of developing critical thinkers and principled problem solvers among all our students, including those receiving a Greensboro continuing education at Guilford College. The library collection includes 240,000 books, periodicals, and non-print media, and the library provides study space for 400 users.



The Information Technology & Services (IT&S) Department helps new students, continuing students, staff and faculty navigate the many aspects of state-of the-art information technology on campus, including technical support, computer and software guidance, network/internet services, wireless access, multimedia setups and support, website development and support, and the computer labs.