Student Success Program

The Student Success Program (SSP) is a holistic retention effort that encourages skill building toward academic success, facilitates campus connections, and empowers student development, engagement, and growth through an individualized mentoring program.

Who is this program for?

The Student Success Program is for students who need additional support with their transition to Guilford’s campus. Whether transferring from another college or fresh from high school graduation, students may need some extra assistance balancing both their course work and new on-campus living arrangements. Admission Counselors select students for this program who are then notified in their letter of admission.

What are the basic requirements of the SSP?

The basic requirements include: attending weekly individual, ½ hour meetings with a mentor for the first two semesters; and, as all Guilford students, attend all classes and obtain all texts for each course. For a more specific list of requirements, each SSP student and parent/guardian will receive and sign the Contract for Admission  which includes all detailed information pertaining to the requirements of the program.

What is a Student Success Mentor?

A Student Success Mentor (SSM) is a professional community director or full-time professional mentor trained to support the needs of students new to Guilford College. Community directors work and live within the residence halls and are therefore easily accessible for questions and support. Focusing on time-management, note taking skills, test-taking skills, and student development, our team of mentors are fully prepared to help make your transition to college a smooth and exciting experience.

What will we do in our weekly meetings?

Each ½ hour meeting generally consists of reviewing coursework, organizing upcoming assignments, test preparation, and connecting students to other individuals and resources on campus. In addition to academic support, mentors can help new students adjust socially and developmentally. The Student Success Mentor staff at Guilford understands a student’s need to feel successful holistically—that students may need support outside the classroom and within their social circles. Our on-campus SSM staff is privy to activities and opportunities and is a great resource to help connect students to other students with common interests and similar personalities.

What are the benefits of the program?

Think of your mentor as your own personal college counselor—they are dedicated to help you adjust to a new academic curriculum and connect to your new home at Guilford. Participation in the Student Success Program greatly decreases feeling “lost in the crowd”. The SSP is designed to connect students to many on-campus and community resources and that helps new students feel confident and capable of the academic work ahead of them.