Meet the Class of 2016

Josephine Williams '16

Learn more about Josie's work helping others with the Greensboro Housing Coalition.

Samantha Evans '16


Adam Williams '16


“I've had a difficult time coming back to society after getting out of the military. Being at Guilford has definitely been beneficial for that transition. I've been able to not only succeed academically, but also grow spiritually and emotionally during my time here.”

Learn more about Adam's journey.



Kahlil Perine ’16

Kahlil square.jpg

“If I hadn’t come to Guilford, I wouldn’t be where I am today. From the moment I started this journey, Guilford has been with me every step of the way—faculty, staff and students alike.”

Read more about Kahlil's journey to justice - he will start law school at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill this fall.


Katie Copeland '16

“The first-hand experience of being a student teacher has prepared me beyond measure for falling in love with the career I have chosen. Thanks to the constant support, advice, and encouragement from my professors and fellow students I have developed the deepest understanding as to why I have chosen this path.”


Learn more about Katie's passion for teaching.

Lucas Prillaman '16

Lucas Prillaman.jpg

“From the bonds and friendships I made on the soccer field and track, to the development I saw in myself in the classroom, I will be thankful for my time at Guilford as I know it has helped prepare me for this next chapter in my life.”

Read more about Lucas's success as a transfer student and how his Guilford education propelled him to a prestigious graduate program at Wake Forest University.


Laura Hall '16

Laura Hall-19 copy.jpg

“I thought I would go to college and learn exactly what I needed for the professional world. Instead I gained so many more life experiences than I could even imagine.”

See how Laura is exploring her passion for helping people and working with kids through a position with Teach for America.




Katie Fullerton '16


“The true value of Guilford for me is in the environment here. I have been encouraged by peers, faculty, and staff to value myself and learn how best to find the intersection of my passions and the world's needs.”

Learn more about Katie and what drives her to pursue a career in integrative healthcare.


Aimee Uffelman '16


“My professors in the accounting department have become invaluable mentors and I have enjoyed participating in some of what Guilford College has to offer, including my internship with the Center for Principled Problem Solving. I love how much of a family everyone is here, especially the faculty.”

See how a Guilford education helped give Aimee the tools she needed to gain acceptance to the Wake Forest University Master of Accountancy program.

Ben Stinson '16


Gloria Taylor-Williams '16


Indianapolis, Ind., art major, B.F.A.
Future Plans: Art Instructor at Art Alliance in Greensboro, N.C.
Post-Grad Plan Details: I plan to pursue more art teaching jobs and graphic design jobs in the local community. I also plan to travel over seas to independently study art while painting local scenes. I’ve been involved with the GSO Mural Project will continue to work with them.
Parting Thoughts: To all the faculty and staff, keep believing in your students and all you can to support them. Encourage them and help guide them towards reaching successful goals. It can be a difficult task, but remember, the students truly appreciate you! And we will remember all that you've done to help us to succeed. You are APPRECIATED! Thank you.


William Burton '16

Will Burton.jpg

Greensboro, N.C., English major with a minor in communications
Future Plans: Promotions Team at 107.5 KZL & Rock 92 (Dick Broadcasting)
Post-Grad Plan Details: I am also going to attend graduate school at UNCG.
Parting Thoughts: Being an English major at Guilford was an enriching, thought provoking, as well as humbling experience. I can say without a doubt that Guilford has made me better person. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have had this experience. Guilford is truly a college that changes lives.


Tess Stryk '16

Tess Stryk.jpg
Arlington, Va., sport management and German language & society double-major
Future Plans: U.S. Teaching Assistant Program, Austrian Ministry of Education and Women's Affairs (BMBF)
Post-Grad Plan Details: I plan to continue competitively running after college. My time on the track and cross country teams has been some of the most rewarding parts of my Guilford experience and I want to extend these experiences into post-grad life.
Parting Thoughts: Ultimately, through my time at Guilford I have not only become a better student, athlete, and leader, but a better human being. I am more compassionate and understanding than I ever thought I could be, much of that is due to the positive sense of community that Guilford encourages on campus.

Rena Davis '16


Chapel Hill, N.C., psychology and African American studies double-major
Future Plans: Will attend graduate school at the University of South Florida to study social work
Favorite Quote: “Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations” - Author Unknown
Parting Thoughts: College has a way of getting you out of your comfort zone. At least Guilford does. I entered Guilford as a quiet, reserved individual, unsure of where this journey would end. I left Guilford as an outspoken leader, ready to take on the world. I am ever so grateful to all of the faculty, staff, and students who were instrumental in making this journey one that was definitely worth the ride. Coming to Guilford was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The experience was scary, fun, stressful, exciting, and at times even dreadful. However, my Guilford experience has helped develop gifts and talents that I didn't even know I had. My Guilford experience has been amazing.

Gia Henry '16

McLeansville, N.C., peace and conflict studies major
Future Plans: Will attend Elon University School of Law in the fall
Favorite Quote: "Believe you can, and you're half way there."
Parting Thoughts: Guilford College helped me to build a great foundation for my future. I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given.




Jennifer Campos Marquez '16


Greensboro, N.C., criminal justice major
Future Plans: Probation/Parole Officer
Post-Grad Plan Details: I may attend law school in the future.
Parting Thoughts: "In the end it was worth it all and, I would gladly do it again."




Shemelia Lewis '16

Greensboro, N.C., psychology major
Future Plans: Case Manager, NCDPS
Parting Thoughts: My time was short but effective. I enjoyed my experience.




Emma Rountree '16


Savannah, Ga., history major
Future Plans: Will attend graduate school at University of Georgia to study history (American women's history focus)





Wilbert Lennon, Jr. '16

Will Lennon.jpg
Greensboro, N.C., community and justice studies major
Future Plans: Will attend Bible College at Love and Faith Christian Fellowship
Post-Grad Plan Details: Continue to work for Parks and Recreation for the City of Greensboro
Favorite Quote: “No matter what obstacles or circumstances one faces in their youth; always remember ‘You can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens You’!”
Parting Thoughts: My time here at Guilford has changed my life forever. It has allowed me to overcome academic and social stigmas assimilated as a youth. I have become what I was consistently told what I would not be at this stage of my life and for that I am eternally grateful for my Guilford education and for God allowing it to happen.

Kayla Adkins '16

Greensboro, N.C., forensic biology & health sciences double-major
Future Plans: Will attend graduate school at Liberty University to study biomedical science
Favorite Quote: “Hard work is the only key to success”
Parting Thoughts: Guilford allowed me to fly into new worlds, not only in the classroom, but also outside of it.

William Black '16

Burlington, N.C., computing technology & information systems major
Future Plans: Will attend graduate school at Liberty University Online to study cyber security
Parting Thoughts: Guilford was there for me at a difficult time in my life, and it altered my life for the better.

Lillian Collins ‘16

Plumssteadville, Pa., environmental studies and art (sculpture) double-major
Future Plans: National Crew Leader, Student Conservation Association

Shandi Foster ‘16

Thomasville, N.C., psychology major
Future Plans: Lead Preschool Teacher, Lil Sprouts Academy
Parting Thoughts: Guilford will forever be my home away from home. I learned so much and was challenged daily. Now I will move forward to promote that same critical thinking and personal growth in others.

Steven Grice ‘16

Greenville, N.C., business administration major with a minor in human resource management
Future Plans: Plans to enroll in UNCG's Business Analytic Master's certification program.

Lillian Hayward ‘16

Littleton, Mass., sociology & anthropology major
Future Plans: Quaker Voluntary Service in Boston
Favorite Quote: "Vocation is the place where our deep gladness meets the world's deep need"
Parting Thoughts: My time at Guilford has truly has been an experience that changed my life, taught me the importance of being a critical thinker and helped me grow into the beginnings of an adulthood that I've been yearning for.

Daniel Hulburt ‘16

Blacksburg, Va., biology major
Future Plans: Naturist Specialist, San Mateo Outdoor Education
Post-Grad Plan Details: I will be teaching 5th and 6th grade children about natural biology. I also plan to apply to physical therapy school.
Favorite Quote: “As a child I assumed that when I reached adulthood I would have grown up thoughts.” -David Sedaris
Parting Thoughts: Guilford has been a wonderful place for me in the last four years. I've grown to love so many people that make up this community.

Dale Koch ‘16

Greensboro, N.C., economics major
Future Plans: Will attend graduate school at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to study political science, transatlantic master's
Post-Grad Plan Details: Following a semester in Chapel Hill, I will be studying abroad in Europe through the spring '18 semester.
Favorite Quote: "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" -Mary Oliver

Naomi Madaras ‘16

Greencastle, Pa., women's gender & sexuality studies and sociology & anthropology double-major
Future Plans: Social justice work, Quaker Voluntary Service

Thomas Marvin ‘16

Greensboro, N.C., business administration major
Future Plans: On-air personality/assistant producer at a radio station

Eryc Pierrelouis ‘16

Montgomery Village, Md., psychology & environmental studies double-major
Future Plans: Nature educator, Burgundy Wildlife Research Center
Post-Grad Plan Details: I plan to road trip across the country and visit a number of national parks.

Risa Pine ‘16

Bowie, Md., psychology major
Future Plans: Volunteer, JVC
Parting Thoughts: Coming to Guilford was the best thing I ever did for myself. It changed my life.

Hannah Rafaoui ‘16

Burlington, Vt., English and peace & conflict studies double-major
Future Plans: Will attend graduate school at Trinity (in Dublin) to study conflict reconciliation

Kelsey Ruehling ‘16

Three Rivers, biology & environmental studies double-major
Future Plans: Conservation internships, Bald Head Island Conservancy and Yellowstone National Park

Laura Todd ‘16

Rocky Mount, N.C., English and religious studies double-major
Future Plans: Serve for a year in Indianapolis through the Presbyterian Church (USA)'s Young Adult Volunteer program.

Gerald Turner ‘16

Yanceyville, N.C., criminal justice major
Future Plans: Will attend graduate school at North Carolina Central University to study pre-law

Judy West ‘16

Greensboro, N.C., criminal justice major
Future Plans: Director of Business, Adult Center for Enrichment
Favorite Quote: “The journey is what you make it”
Parting Thoughts: My time at Guilford has been well worth my effort and the rewards are many.

Monica Williams ‘16

Burlington, N.C., community and justice studies and criminal justice double-major
Future Plans: Will attend graduate school at North Carolina Central University to study social work
Parting Thoughts: I thank God for all that I have learned and the opportunity.