Additional Instructions

  1. If you do not remember your G number, enter G0000000.
  2. All students under the age of 23 are required to live on campus unless they receive permission from the Residence Life office. 
  3. If you attended any other colleges or universities while away from Guilford, you must submit your transcript(s) along with this application for readmission.

Most correspondence will come via e-mail, therefore it is important to provide us with an e-mail address that is valid and checked regularly. If you are readmitted to the College, you will not be able to use BannerWeb for course registration. Instructions will be provided in your readmission letter. 


Application for Readmission

Your Information
Academic Information
Housing Preference
Have you attended any colleges or universities while you were away from Guilford?
Family Information
Honor Code Information
Have you ever been placed on probation, been suspended or been dismissed for academic or disciplinary reasons from Guilford or any other institution?
Have you ever had a court conviction of any kind other than a minor traffic violation?