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Helpful Hints

  • Meet your session chair and fellow session presenters at least 15 minutes ahead of your presentation start time.
  • Check the schedule posted to Moodle for the start time of your session (NOT just when you are presenting your work) – most sessions start at 11:30 a.m., 1:00 p.m. or 2:30 p.m.
  • You and your fellow presenters should be in your assigned session room and ready to go at least 5-8 minutes prior to the session start time.
  • Time your presentation according to the time allotted, and also allow time for questions. For short talks, plan to present for 10-12 minutes and leave 3-5 minutes for Q & A.
  • Stay for the entire session and be courteous when others are presenting. Better yet, ask the other presenters questions about their work.
  • Check in at the GUS registration table in the Carnegie room. That’s where you can pick up your GUS mug, have some snacks, and check out the posters and exhibits.
  • Remember that there will be lots of great presentations going on throughout the day. Attend as many as you can and support your fellow students in their work.


Research and Creative Endeavors

The 10th annual Guilford Undergraduate Symposium will take place on Friday, April 21, 2017. Registration for GUS will open Monday, March 27 and abstracts are due Thursday, April 13. Questions should be directed gus@guilford.edu.

Guilford’s Undergraduate Symposium provides an opportunity to showcase the variety and quality of original work that Guilford students pursue in their classes, senior projects and theses, as well as in a range of venues outside Guilford. Guilford’s first annual undergraduate symposium was held in 2008.

The first GUS involved 60 students presenting 50 oral presentations, posters, performances, exhibits of original creative work and panel discussions. Students from all academic divisions and almost every department, major and program have presented work at GUS. Since 2008, both participation and the variety of work presented has grown steadily, with more than 140 students participating in 90 presentations at the 5th annual GUS in 2012. Over the course of a day and in locations all over campus oral presentations, posters, exhibits, panel discussions and performances are offered to the College community. (Several of these student presentations can be viewed on YouTube.)

Symposium sessions are also held for the Board of Visitors and the Board of Trustees.

Submitting a Presentation

Information about submitting a presentation for GUS will be available soon. In the meantime, please note the following:

  • Please use your Guilford e-mail address when registering.
  • Every presentation must have a faculty sponsor. Your mentor for the work you’re presenting may be different from your sponsor, especially when you did you work somewhere other than Guilford. Please provide the information for that person as well. (And let them know you’ll be presenting at GUS).
  • The academic programs listed are the majors available at Guilford. You may select more than one from that list or provide the name of another program if that is more appropriate for your presentation.

Short Descriptions of Presentation Types

  • Poster: Presenters will be provided with a 48” by 36” board and easel for displaying their work. Posters are typically printed material; other types of displays should be submitted as an exhibition. Poster presenters are expected to leave their presentation up throughout the symposium and to be present for one hour as specified in the schedule for discussion and questions.
  • Short talk: Each short talk is allotted 15 minutes in the schedule: 12 minutes for the presentation and 3 minutes for questions. All short talks will take place in multimedia classrooms, so PowerPoint and other media may therefore be used.
  • Exhibition: Any type of exhibition of creative or other work that requires display space beyond that needed for a poster should be submitted under this category. Art exhibits and research presentations in which other objects will be displayed are examples of exhibition presentations. As with posters, exhibitors are expected to leave their presentation up throughout the symposium and to be present for one hour as specified in the schedule for discussion and questions.
  • Performance: Music, poetry, dramatic reading, and theater fall under this category. We cannot guarantee that a sound system will be available for performances, so please plan accordingly. Performances will be allotted 20 minutes in the schedule, although it is not required that the performance take up the entire allotted time.
  • Panel discussion: A panel discussion is a group of several presenters addressing a single topic. Each panel discussion is allotted 30 minutes in the schedule: 25 minutes for the presenters and 5 minutes for questions. The panel may allocate the 25 minutes in any way they choose. All panel discussions will take place in multimedia classrooms, so PowerPoint and other media may therefore be used.

Short talks on related topics should be submitted as separate presentations. We will then take requests to schedule the related talks in a single session. 

You must submit a title, but you will submit other information about your presentation at a later time. And you will be able to change the title before the final program is printed. 

For presentations with multiple presenters, only one person needs to submit the form. All other presenters should be listed at the bottom of the registration form. 

You will receive an acknowledgement of your registration within a few days after submitting it.

Providing a Summary/Abstract

Each presenter (or group of presenters) must submit an abstract or summary of their presentation for publication in the GUS program. The abstract will be due approximately 10 days before the symposium. The summary or abstract should be no more than 200 words and provide a brief description of your presentation for a general audience. We strongly recommend consulting with your faculty sponsor and/or your project mentor when writing your abstract or summary.
The abstract or summary should contain your final title and the list of all authors/presenters for the presentation.

You will submit your abstract or summary as a Word, RTF, PDF, or text document to the “GUS Presentation/Summary Abstract” assignment in the GUS Moodle.

If you have any special needs for your presentation, this will be the time to let us know.

The Days Leading Up To GUS

As GUS approaches, please keep an eye on your e-mail for important announcements. We will be sending out draft schedules, asking you to verify information, and otherwise working on making sure that the symposium will run as smoothly as possible.

On the Wednesday before GUS, we will hold an information session in the afternoon that provides an opportunity for presenters and session presiders to hear from the organizing committee and ask any questions about the day itself. We will send out information about the time and place a few days before that.

Tell your professors and fellow Guilford students that you are presenting at GUS and encourage them to come. You are also welcome and encouraged to invite family members and friends outside the Guilford community to attend GUS.

GUS: Friday, April 21. What do I do, where do I go?
Although there is no dress code for GUS, most presenters will choose to dress in professional attire (in other words, no athletic wear, jeans, etc.) Some session chairs may require professional attire.

Information for Posters & Exhibitions

  • Set up your poster or exhibit in the Carnegie room no later than 10 a.m. the morning of GUS. Check in with the designated organizing committee member and she will tell you where to set up.
  • Your poster or exhibition will be available for view during the entire GUS event, but you should be present to discuss your work and answer questions during your assigned poster/exhibition session.
  • Check the schedule posted to the GUS Moodle for your assigned session and be sure to arrive a few minutes early and stay throughout the session.

Information for Short Talks, Panels & Performances

  • Your session chair will be e-mailing you a few days before GUS. Keep an eye out for their e-mail and be sure to reply to him/her in a timely fashion.
  • In particular, be sure to e-mail any PowerPoint or media file you will use during your presentation to your session chair.
  • Also bring the file to your assigned session on a thumb/flash/jump drive.

Questions or comments? Contact any member of the GUS Organizing Committee. 

organizing committee


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