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Career Development Center

The Career Development Center invites you to our office on the main level of King Hall (King 108). We welcome you to learn about the many services available to you as you navigate through your college career or transition to life after graduation. Our hours are 8:30 am-5 pm, Monday through Friday. Weekday, evening hours are available each semester. To make an appointment or to learn about this semester’s extended hours, please call 336.316.2187.

Information For:


Schedule an appointment for career counseling with Amber Hamilton (traditional and early college students only)

Schedule an appointment with a peer career advisor (resumé & cover letter for traditional students only)

Schedule an appointment for career counseling with Amanda Fontenot (tradtional students, CCE/adult students & alumni)

Schedule an appointment for internships with Megan Walters (traditional students, CCE/adult students & alumni) 

we can help you
  • Explore your passions and career interests
  • Examine different majors
  • Develop a strong resumé
  • Find an internship
  • Prepare for graduate school
  • Learn to network effectively
  • Get an on campus job
  • Improve your resumé

We can help you prepare for a fulfilling future of meaningful work. One great way to make the most of your college career is to participate in the Professional Development Experience.

Career Development Center’s online tools
  • Facebook can help you stay in touch with career development staff.
  • College Central Network is a powerful way to get employers nationwide to see your resume.
  •  is an online tool to search for available internships.
  • Linkedin is one of the most commonly used professional networking utilities around.
  • DIGI-cation is an easy-to-use online portfolio site specifically for Guilford students.
  • Glassdoor gives you an inside look at company reviews, interview questions and salary information for hundreds of jobs. Clicking the link above allows Guilford students access to this information and the site's job search tool without creating an individual user account.


The Career Development Center continues to provide services to Guilfordians even after they have graduated. Alumni may access all services available to current students. 

Career Fairs - Alumni may attend the annual November Career Fair, usually held in a Greensboro-area hotel, for information-gathering and networking. During the information session, graduates are encouraged to dress in interview attire and come with multiple copies of their resumés to distribute to interested employers.

Also, alumni interested in careers in the nonprofit sector are invited to attend our annual Information Fair for Careers in Nonprofit. This event is typically held on the Guilford campus in mid-March.

Campus Interviews - On-campus recruiting sessions are open to alumni on a space available basis, provided the employer is willing to interview graduates and current seniors. Contact the Career Development Center for more information regarding our recruiting calendar 336.316.2187.

Late Hours - For those alumni who find it inconvenient to use Career Development Center resources or meet with career advisers between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays, evening hours are available. To make an appointment or to learn about this semester’s extended hours, please call 336.316.2187.

College Central Network - Guilford College Alumni can participate in this nation-wide network of employers. If you would like to have access to College Central Network, please contact our office.

Faculty & Staff

We know employers who want to know our faculty

We work directly with employers, who often ask for the contact information of faculty members who could help them to target students in a particular major, discipline or other areas of interest. We can facilitate that connection.

Career fairs attract many recruiters to one event

Our career fairs provide excellent opportunities for students to meet representatives from the companies in their industries of choice and establish a network of contacts. We help students research employers and provide interview preparation tips.
The Career Development Center brings recruiters to campus continually. Annually we host career fairs and graduate school fairs. Additionally we provide students with information about other recruitment events.

We’ll bring the information to your class

We specialize in conducting presentations on a host of topics such as resumé writing, life after Guilford, including non-profit experience on a resumé, job-search strategies, and interviewing skills. We can also help out in a pinch; if you need to or are considering canceling a class, just contact us, and we can schedule a presentation instead.

We help students identify and pursue internships for academic credit

Internships provide the opportunity to make informed decisions about a field of study and make valuable contacts.

Resources for Faculty

We offer a variety of resources to faculty and instructors for use in courses. If you would like to arrange for use of any of our services or materials, tours, or presentations please contact the Career Development Center at 336.316.2187. We will be happy to accommodate your request.


We provide faculty and instructors with in-depth understandings of our services and facilities. We offer tours of the Career Development Center, presentations at department meetings, and individual appointments. By learning more about our center, faculty can refer students to the Career Development Center and understand better how our facilities and services can work into your course requirements.
Many students seek career guidance and assistance from faculty and advisers. Through written publications and individual consultations, we can help you become familiar with career development information, issues, and theories as they relate to the material you present to your students. These may also guide you in meetings with students who bring career concerns to you.


We are also delighted to come into your classes to offer instruction on various career planning and job search topics.

Mock Interviews

The Mock Interview Program is available to students who want to practice their interviewing techniques before an actual interview.

Career Information

The Career Development Center houses a career library. Students use the library to research careers, graduate schools, internships, summer jobs, prospective employers, job vacancy announcements, and a host of volunteer opportunities. No appointment is necessary to use these facilities; they are open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. through 5 p.m.
If you are considering referring students to the Career Development Center as a part of your course, please let us know. As you are developing your syllabus, we can assist you in integrating career development theories and information into your curriculum, help you determine which services and materials would be most appropriate for your class, and prepare our staff to respond to inquiries by students in your course.


There are two easy ways to post jobs for viewing by Guilford College students and alumni.

Visit College Central Network and create an account. Once we verify your information, you can easily post positions for viewing by students at Guilford College and across the nation.

Another simple option is to call our office.

If your are interested in setting up a visit to Guilford College, we are happy to work with you in a way that will get you maximum exposure. Simply call our office and we will help you set up a visit.

If you are interested in connecting regularly with Guilford College students, faculty and staff ask about the Guilford College Employer Advisory Board. Current membership includes 88.5 WFDD Public Radio, Quaintance Weaver, Brooks-Pierce Law, Lindley Habilitation, Piedmont Land Conservancy, Greenspiration, Joblink and others.

To set up on-campus recruiting or to learn more about our career fairs, call 336.316.2187.

Student Employment

The Career Development Center coordinates all student employment on campus. Whether students qualify for federal work-study or if they are simply looking for a part-time campus job, they can start with us.

Student employment is also listed at

We offer an on-campus employment fair in the fall that connects students with a wide variety of departments on campus that are hiring. As students prepare for this event, we strongly encourage them to come to our center for a quick resumé review. The process of getting a job on campus is great practice for what students will experience as they enter the post-college world of work, and our department assists students as they make the most of this experience.

Additionally, our department maintains a list of students who are interested in serving as tutors and as babysitters.

Tips & Tools

Selecting a Major

Selecting the right major is an important process in your college career. Our caring and professional staff assists students through this process regularly. We offer a variety of assessments designed to help you understand your own professional identity. We use these assessments to guide our conversations with you as we explore options and formulate plans.

For students who have already selected a major, it is still very important to visit the Career Development Center. The average adult will change careers more than four times over a lifetime. Visiting the Career Development Center can help students who have already declared a major to better understand how that major fits in to the post college world.

We expect all students to visit the Career Development Center during their first year at Guilford College.
To schedule an appointment, call 336.316.2187.

Professional Development Experience

The Professional Development Experience is an opportunity to make the most of your Guilford College experience. In order to complete this program, students must fulfill the requirements from the four (4) sections outlined below, and register as a part of the Professional Development Experience with the Career Development Center. Students who complete this program will be celebrated at a reception each spring and also be given a gift card towards purchasing professional attire for their next steps. 

Self-evaluation (must complete one)

  • Meet with a career counselor in the Career Development Center
  • Take “Let Your Life Speak”
  • Take “Major and Career Exploration”
  • Engage in vocational exploration with a clearness committee

Engagement (must complete two)

  • Four credits-worth of internship
  • Complete study abroad experience
  • Hold College leadership position for full academic year*
  • Faculty/staff mentored research project with presentation at the Guilford Undergraduate Symposium or another state, regional or national meeting.
  • Completion of faculty mentored research culminating in a department/program approved thesis
  • Service-learning course+ 
  • 40 hours of community service*
  • Principled Problem Solving Experience

Communication and Connection (must complete both)

  • Complete resume/cover-letter and online brand review
  • Complete practice interview

Other Requirements (must complete two)

  • Career Development Workshop
  • Attend graduate school fair OR career fair
  • Career related coursework, two credits
  • Understanding Racism Workshop

Students wishing to participate in this program can begin at anytime and must register in the Career Development Center. For questions about the Professional Development Experience, please contact Megan Walters, assistant director for internships in the Career Development Center at 336.316.2314. Have questions? Check out our FAQ page.

*Note the 40 hours of community service and the college leadership position may only be used to fulfill a requirement with the approval of the assistant dean for career development and community learning.

+For a partial list of service-learning courses at Guilford College visit the Career Development Center.



Current students can find more information and paperwork for internships on the internship page of GuilfordNet and in the internship packet.

About Internships
Internships are available to eligible Guilford students and alumni. Both traditional and Adult Program students are encouraged to consider internships as a means to gain hands-on experience for academic credit.

The term “internship” refers to what is typically a semester-long, one-time activity in which students undertake a position in an on-campus or off-campus, public or private, organization for academic credit.

Credit is not given for working per se, but for utilizing the alternative learning environment to attain specified educational goals. Interns are encouraged to use their faculty sponsor as a support, mentor and bridge between the internship work and academic studies. Reflection is an important part of any internship and is often facilitated through journal writing, papers written at midterm and at the end of semester, and by regular conferences with a faculty sponsor.

The role of the faculty sponsor is to provide an academic and reflective perspective for hands-on experience. The role of the site supervisor is to provide professional oversight of the intern’s work on-site.

Each year, about 15 percent of all Guilford students receive academic credit for their work in the local community and around the world. Guilford students have found internships to be valuable in several ways, including:

  • experiencing profound learning by linking academics and action.
  • pursuing a new area of interest; exploring potential career fields.
  • building experience in a chosen career field.
  • building self-confidence through personal challenge.

It is important to note that internships must be registered before on-site work begins. No retroactive credit will be given for work experience that is not registered in advance.

2016 Summer Internship Registration Deadlines:
Full summer - May 31
First summer term - May 27
Second summer term - July 5

2016 Fall The Washington Center Internship Deadlines:
Priority - May 4
Final - June 8


Guilford College students participate internships during all parts of the academic calendar including the January term.  Guilford College students are known throughout the region as critical thinkers, effective communicators and experiential learners.  To list an internship at Guilford College either complete our online submission form or contact the Career Development Center at 336.316.2187 and ask to speak with our internship coordinator.

Writing a Résumé

A résumé is a marketing tool designed to provide an employer with a brief, written advertisement of your skills, experiences and accomplishments.

Employers will initially spend as little as 15 – 30 seconds “scanning” a résumé, sometimes referred to as the “30 Second Test.” For this reason, it is critical that your information be concise and focused. One page is usually sufficient.

Employers judge résumés on several criteria. The way you present information is important. Just like in academic writing, ideas and themes must be clear to the reader. The format is also very important.

Students often have questions about how to start a résumé, what content to include, what headers to use, how to write a good cover letter, and how to best express their experiences. The staff in the Career Development Center reviews résumés daily and knows many of the best practices, tips and tricks for writing fantastic résumés and cover letters.

The Career Development Center offers résumé workshops throughout the academic year. Students are encouraged to meet with our staff to critique a current résumé or start work on a new one. To schedule an appointment, call 336.316.2187.

Graduate School

The Career Development Center at Guilford College assists students with all aspects of the graduate school process. Our caring and professional staff can:

  • Assist in your search for the right graduate program.
  • Help connect you with admission test resources (GMAT, LSAT, GRE, etc.).
  • Work with you on a statement of purpose.
  • Help you refine your resumé.
  • Assist in preparing you for the differences between graduate work and undergraduate work.

Additionally, we keep current resources on graduate programs in our center. To schedule an appointment, call 336.316.2187.

Online Resources


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