After Guilford

Mandy Satterfield ’12, graduate with a major in Accounting, is working as an Accounts Payroll Manager at H.M. Kern.

Toby Akinsola ’11, graduate with a major in Accounting and a minor in Business, has been admitted to the Master of Accounting program at North Carolina State University.

Jason Brent ’10, graduate with a double-major in Mathematics and Economics, will be pursuing his Ph.D. at UNC-Chapel Hill, where he received a scholarship and a living stipend.

Kaitlin Shimansky ’09, graduate with a major in Economics and a minor in Political Science, has been admitted to and offered scholarships from law schools at Tulane University and Elon University.

Sara Waitsman ’11, graduate with a double major in Health Sciences and Psychology, was admitted into a graduate program in Physical Therapy at Duke University. 

Emily Ferris '10, graduate with a double-major in Health Sciences and French and a minor in English-Writing, earned a teaching fellowship sponsored by the French Ministry of Education in Besançon, France. The program works to improve English-language education in France and to encourage the French/American cultural exchanges. Emily also published a poem "Saturday, November 3rd" in Prick of the Spindle, Vol. 3.2. She also published a poem “Philadelphia Calls Seattle and Forgets to Listen” in Paradigm’s Mitchell Issue.

Marissa Dungan '12, graduate with a major in Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies works as the Meal Distribution Coordinator at DC Central Kitchen through a program called AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps. Dungan worked with 88 social service agencies to coordinate the daily distribution of 5,000 meals.

Hannah Christianson '13, graduate with a major in Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies works at the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) in Washington, D.C. as part of a reproductive justice team to create an intersectional approach to women's issues and the arguments surrounding reproductive rights. Christianson is responsible for outreach to both secular and religious organizations, as well as creating a reproductive justice advocacy community within UUA.