After Guilford

Mandy Satterfield ’12, graduate with a major in accounting, is working as an accounts payroll manager at H.M. Kern.

Lucas Prillaman '16, graduate with a major in accounting and a minor in economics, has been admitted to the Master of Science in Accountancy program at Wake Forest University School of Business.

Jason Brent ’10, graduate with a double-major in mathematics and economics, will be pursuing his Ph.D. at UNC-Chapel Hill, where he received a scholarship and a living stipend.

Kaitlin Shimansky ’09, graduate with a major in economics and a minor in political science, has been admitted to and offered scholarships from law schools at Tulane University and Elon University.

Sara Waitsman ’11, graduate with a double-major in health sciences and psychology, was admitted into a graduate program in physical therapy at Duke University. 

Emily Ferris '10, graduate with a double-major in health sciences and French and a minor in English-writing, earned a teaching fellowship sponsored by the French Ministry of Education in Besançon, France. The program works to improve English-language education in France and to encourage the French/American cultural exchanges. Emily also published a poem "Saturday, November 3rd" in Prick of the Spindle, Vol. 3.2. She also published a poem “Philadelphia Calls Seattle and Forgets to Listen” in Paradigm’s Mitchell Issue.

Marissa Dungan ’12, graduate with double-major in sociology/anthropology and women’s, gender & sexuality studies, is working at the D.C. Central Kitchen Food Recycling Program.

Martha OrHai ’10, graduate with a double-major in sociology & anthropology and English and minors in European history and women’s studies, plans to study Hebrew and sustainable agriculture in Israel and complete a fellowship with a Jewish retreat center.

Sophie Laine '15, graduate with a double-major in sociology/anthropology and international studies, and minor in religious studies, is pursuing a master's degree in divinity from Harvard Divinity School.