The Inauguration of President Jane K. Fernandes

On Aug. 26, 2015, Guilford College inaugurated Jane Kelleher Fernandes as its ninth president.

The inaugural exercises were conducted in Dana Auditorium on campus and attended by almost 1,000 students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the College. Jane offered inaugural remarks Johnnetta B. Cole, director of the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art in Washington, D.C., was guest speaker. Read a story about the inaugural exercises. 

The inaugural exercises were followed by the Guilford College Showcase in front of Founders Hall. Kicked off by the planting of an oak tree in honor of Jane, the showcase featured performances and interactive demonstrations related to the College's academics, arts, clubs, athletics, service projects, study abroad and student-led media.

Jane took office as president July 1, 2014. She is the first woman to serve as Guilford's president and first deaf woman to lead a college or university in the U.S. 

Guilford Welcomes President Jane K. Fernandes

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Relationship to Guilford

Peter Fay  I hope to have the chance to greet you myself.   
Mike Bianco '91 We are so lucky to have you. You will always have my support.  Guilford alum 
James Tatum '03
Congratulations. You are the right choice to lead our Alma Mater at this time. I have complete confidence in you and will help anyway that I can. 
Guilford alum
Robert Fricke '13 Congratulations and look forward to attending your big event.  Guilford alum 
Will Koppenhaver '15 Congratulations! Really excited for this coming year!  Guilford alum 
Wesley Reid '85 I am looking forward to the great things you will do as President of Guilford College.  Guilford alum 
Steven Taylor '75  Congratulations, and THANK YOU for choosing Guilford at a time when we really need your strong, practical, and Quakerly leadership. I see great days ahead under your guidance.  Guilford alum 
Gertrude Beal  Congratulations!!! Many of us on staff are so delighted that you are with us. Guilford College will soar to greater heights under your leadership. I'm proud to be among your staff.  Guilford staff 
Emily Currie '15 When I came to Guilford I had zero confidence in my academic abilities and didn't think I was smart enough to graduate from this school. While a student I received a wealth of help, encouragement and support from tutors to my professors and now I am a proud graduate of Guilford College with valuable gifts to share with the community. I went from being homeless to a college graduate and now I am a new English teacher for Guilford County Schools.  Guilford alum 
Katherine Cummings '83  I am so proud of what you have already accomplished for Guilford. You are clearly the right person to lead the College. Alums are eager to help you succeed. Let us know when and where you need us.  Guilford alum 
Christin Phelps '04  Congratulations! I foresee many great things for Guilford with you at the helm.     Guilford alum 
Christina Myers '81  So glad that you are now a part of the Guilford community. Congratulations on being the first woman to lead the College. I expect Guilford to thrive under your leadership!  Guilford alum 
Kayla Adams '14  Congratulations, Jane!!! What a huge accomplishment for the Guilford community.  Guilford alum 
Sarah Dreier-Kasik '14 Congratulations, Jane! We are glad you are here. Thank you.  Guilford alum