Hiroko Hirakawa

Departments and Positions:
Foreign Languages, Associate Professor of Foreign Languages
School Extension 316.2413
Tsuda College, BA, '82
Southeast Missouri University, MA, '89
Purdue University, MS, '91
Purdue University, PHD, '98

“At Guilford, we have the opportunity to travel with our students and colleagues. Our trip to Japan was a memorable one. It’s very rewarding to watch our students experience the culture first-hand and to see all the pieces of their studies come together.”

Courses Taught

  • JAPN 101: Communicating in Japanese I
  • JAPN 102: Communicating in Japanese II
  • JAPN 201: Intermediate Japanese I
  • JAPN 202: Intermediate Japanese II
  • JAPN 220: Women in Modern Japan
  • JAPN 221: Contemporary Japanese Society
  • JAPN 310: Media, Gender and Nation in Japan
  • FYE 101: Green Tea and 1000-Year-Old Eggs