Elwood Parker '64

Departments and Positions:
Mathematics, Professor of Mathematics
School Extension 316.2231
Professor of Mathematics
Professor of Mathematics
UNC Chapel Hill, MSW
Guilford College, '64

“Mathematics not only demands straight thinking, it grants the student the satisfaction of knowing when s/he is thinking straight.”

Research Interests

  • Undecidability
  • Topology of hyperspaces

Courses Taught
All math courses at all levels, including:

  • Elementary Statistics
  • Accelerated Calculus
  • All other levels of calculus
  • Probability & Statistics
  • Topology and Infinity
  • Undecidability
  • Non-Computability

Notable Works

  • Advocate of inquiry-based learning (IBL), including association with the Educational Advancement Foundation
  • Frequent speaker at the Legacy of R.L. Moore Conference
  • Presenter at Joint Mathematics Meetings and Friends Association of Higher Education conference in Birmingham, England

Campus and Community Involvement

  • Faculty Leader of four semesters abroad in London
  • Coordinator of Quantitative Literacy
  • Coordinator of Curricular Assessment and Management
  • Faculty Development Associate for Tenured Faculty
  • Currently faculty representative to the Board of Trustees and Alumni Board, and involved in College fund-raising